Monday, August 1, 2011

Cities in Latin America with the most inhabitants without an LDS temple

  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 12.6 million - 10 stakes
  2. Belo Horizonte, Brazil - 5.75 million - 5 stakes
  3. Brasília, Brazil - 4.0 million - 5 stakes
  4. Medellín, Colombia - 3.68 million - 2 stakes
  5. Salvador, Brazil - 3.68 million - 4 stakes
  6. Puebla, Mexico - 2.85 million - 8 stakes
  7. Cali, Colombia - 2.83 million - 3 stakes
  8. Belém, Brazil - 2.18 million - 5 stakes
  9. Goiânia, Brazil - 2.15 million - 2 stakes
  10. La Paz, Bolivia - 1.96 million - 7 stakes
  11. Maracaibo, Venezuela - 1.96 million - 5 stakes
Six of the 11 most populous cities in Latin America without an LDS temple are in Brazil.


    Craig said...

    I would be very surprised if BRASILIA isn't the next temple in Brazil. Why? Both because it is the nation's capital and because it is located in Brazil's rapidly growing Central West region, the only region of Brazil without a temple. I think it is about 18 hours by bus from its temple in Campinas. A temple district there would serve both Brasilia and Goiania and at least 13 stakes in the Central West.

    BRAZIL has 5 geographic regions. The South has 2 temples in Porto Alegre and Curitiba. The Southeast, where Rio and Belo are located, has temples in Sao Paulo and Campinas. The Northeast has Recife with Fortaleza in planning. Manaus is far along in consturuction of what will be the first temple in the North.

    Why not Rio next? I imagine a temple, probably a high rise like Hong Kong and Manhattan, would wait until after the building boom going on now in preparation for the World Cup and the Olympics.

    Alex said...

    I think the reason we haven't seen a temple in Rio is because they aren't using it, according to a mission companion from Sao Paulo. As for Brasilia, last I heard, Pres. Faust told them they weren't ready because they didn't pay their tithing. If they have that fixed, & are doing missionary work & working on activity, then I agree, Brasilia will be next.

    Anonymous said...
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    Felipe Rocha said...
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    Felipe Rocha said...
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    Felipe Rocha said...

    I was born at Rio and now live in Foz do Iguassu but I know that the Lord love His people there and soon I hope to hear the announcement of a Temple in that city.That is a very special people!

    Cassia said...

    Alex said...

    Now you can also take Belem off the list.