Friday, August 12, 2011

Both Districts in Bulgaria Discontinued

Both the Sofia Bulgaria and Plovdiv Bulgaria Districts were recently discontinued resulting in all remaining 11 LDS branches in the country reporting directly to the mission president.  The Bulgaria Sofia Mission is now the third LDS mission worldwide without a stake or district along with the Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk and Russia Vladivostok Missions.  The dissolution of both districts is a concerning development which has validated missionary reports of low member activity rates, very few convert baptisms, and an inadequate number of active priesthood holders to staff leadership for districts and branches.  The decision to close both districts was likely initiated by mission interests to help strengthen individual branches in Bulgaria with minimal assistance from full-time missionaries in administrative affairs. 

Bulgaria is now the country with the most Latter-day Saints without a stake or district.


Tom said...

I have heard unofficially that a new stake has been created in Lagos, Nigeria.

Can you research and verify this please?

Matt said...

A new stake was created in Lagos, the Lagos Nigeria South Stake, in May. No additional stakes appear likely to be organized in Lagos until existing stakes have greater numbers of congregations organized.

Matthew Crandall said...

today at in Tallinn, President Boswell, the mission president said in a talk that there are serious discussions of disolving the Estonian district and placing the 5 branches under the mission. This has been a trend in the Europe East area as many wards and districts have been dissolved, or combined to try to create stronger units that are able to better meet the needs of the people. The decision whether to disolve or not has not been made and will be anounced on the 18th of September in a recently anounced district conference.