Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Stakes Organized in Peru and Utah


Today a new stake was organized in Peru.  The Casa Grande Peru Stake was organized from the Casa Grande Peru District which had seven branches in several small cities and towns northwest of Trujillo.  It is unclear how many branches became wards in the new stake.  There are now 95 stakes and 23 districts in Peru. 


A new stake was organized in Utah a week ago.  The Enoch Utah West Stake was organized from the Enoch Utah and the Cedar City Utah Canyon View Stakes.  There are now 557 stakes in Utah


Craig said...

SPANISH SPEAKING. Thirteen of the 25 countries with 16 or more stakes are primarily Spanish speaking.

Peru has the second largest number of stakes in a Spanish-speaking country, behind only Mexico (222). The other 11 are
Argentina & Chile with 70 each, Guatemala 39,
Ecuador 34,
Venezuela 31,
Colombia 28,
Bolivia 24,
Honduras 21,
El Salvador 18,
Uruguay 16.

Peru might be 5th most populous Spanish-speaking country (Spanish is not the native language of many in Peru), behind Mexico, Colombia, Spain, and Argentina.

Other countries with Spanish-speaking stakes are the U.S., Spain, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.

Craig said...

and Paraguay

chris jones said...

Will that Enoch Stake increase the likelihood of a temple near Cedar City/

wheels said...

I would say the next temple to be built in Utah would be Cedar City or Tooele... given the relative distance from the closest temple and number of stakes in each area

Tom said...

Just an update,

There has been some congregational growth activity in Brazil over the past week or so.

This there has been just 6 congregations created in Brazil. The total increasing from 1925 to 1931. A slower than usual increase.

Congregational growth has been non-existent in Mexico this year.

Whereas the Philippines, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria and Peru are currently leading in Congregational growth rates outside of the US