Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Stakes Organized in Brazil, DR Congo, and El Salvador; New District Organized in Vanuatu


A new stake was organized in Rio de Janeiro.  The Rio de Janeiro Brazil Engenho de Dentro Stake was organized from the Rio de Janeiro Brazil and Rio de Janeiro Brazil Andaraí Stakes.  Compared to other Brazilian cities, few new stakes have been organized in Rio de Janeiro over the past decade as only two new stakes were organized between 2000 and 2010 (Rio de Janeiro Brazil Itaguaí Stake in 2005 and the Arsenal Brazil Stake in 2009).  Rio de Janeiro is one of the cities with the most stakes without a temple currently.  There are now ten LDS stakes in the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area and 242 stakes in Brazil.  Congregational growth rates have been very slow so far in 2011 for Brazil compared to previous years.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

A new stake will be created in the interior of the DR Congo in Luputa this month.  The Luputa DR Congo Stake will be organized from the Luputa DR Congo District and will become the most recently organized district to become a stake in the LDS Church at present as the district was initially organized in 2006 with four branches.  At present the district has ten branches and it is unclear how many of the branches will become wards.  Last month another district in the country in Kananga became a stake with six wards and two branches.  There are now nine stakes in the DR Congo and the likelihood of additional stake organizations appears highly likely in the coming months and years.

El Salvador

The second LDS stake to be organized in over a decade in El Salvador was created a week ago.  The Sonzacate El Salvador Stake was organized from the Sonsonate El Salvador Stake and includes the following six wards and one branch: The Armenia, El Angel, Izalco, La Ponderosa, Nahuilingo, and Sonzacate Wards and the San Julian Branch.  The Sonsonate El Salvador Stake now has six wards.  There are now 18 stakes and two districts in El Salvador.  Also this summer the El Salvador San Salvador West Mission will be relocated to Santa Ana.


The third LDS district in Vanuatu was recently organized.  The Malakula Vanuatu District was organized from the Luganville Vanuatu District and includes the following six branches on the island of Malakula: The Litslits, Lowni, Pinalum, Tulewei, Uripiv, and Wala Branches.  Prospects for the organization of additional districts is highly likely, especially for the islands of Ambae (five branches) and Tanna (four branches).


Tom said...

Church growth has been rapid in the Democratic Republic of the Congo this year.

With Nine stakes, they have more than enough capability to be able to support a full time Temple.

chris jones said...

WOW i am amazed at the growth of The DR of Congo. I am sure hoping and praying fora temple there soon. These must be among the farthest stakes from any temple.

Craig said...

EL SALVADOR members are very excited about the upcoming temple open house, cultural event, and dedication there. The El Salvaldor San Salvador West/Belize Mission is also moving to Santa Ana in the west part of the country and changing names to El Salvador Santa Ana / Belize on July 1.

Like many many other Latin American countries, most growth the past ten years in El Salvador and in Rio de Janiero Brazil has gone into growing from small wards to larger ones that can more easily handle more of the Church program.