Friday, July 8, 2011

Church Growth News

Missionaries officially assigned to Kosovo

A young missionary companionship and a senior missionary couple have been assigned to Pristina, Kosovo to begin formal missionary activity.  The Pristina Branch was organized earlier this year.  Currently LDS membership for Kosovo is estimated at less than 50.  Prospects for future growth are favorable although the delayed introduction of LDS missionary work in Kosovo may have resulted in missed opportunities when the population was most receptive.

New branch in Burundi

A second branch was organized in Bujumbura, Burundi less than six months after the organization of the first branch.  Convert baptisms continue to occur weekly and prospects appear favorable for additional branches to be organized within the near future.


Craig said...

BURUNDI is part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Lubumbashi Mission. Both Burundi & DR Congo are former Belgian colonies and use French as one of the national languages. Does someone know why neighboring French-speaking former Belgian colony RWANDA is not also assigned to the Lubumbashi mission, instead to English-speaking Uganda Kampala Mission?

Craig said...

KOSOVO is mostly ethnic Albanian. Are the missionaries assigned there part of the Albania Tirana Mission?

coachodeeps said...


According to the maps Kosovo is actually part of a mission made up of what looks like the Bosnia and Herzogovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Kosovo. Albania looks like it is its own mission.

Matt said...


These four nations are currently not assigned to a mission but report directly to the Europe Area. Missionaries from the Albania Tirana Mission are serving in Kosovo which suggests that Kosovo will soon be reassigned to the mission in Albania.

Glen L. Andrew, D.O. said...

I have a group of four in a medical team traveling to Pristina Kosovo March 20th for 10 days. Where is the Kosovo LDS branch located or what is the number of the missionaries in the area so we can get together?

Matt said...

Hi Glen,

There is no meetinghouse location or contact information for the Pristina Branch on the meetinghouse locator site. I do not have any phone numbers of members or leaders in Kosovo.

Your best bet would probably be to contact the Adriatic South Mission office at +355 68-201-6570.