Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Stakes in Brazil and North Carolina


A new stake was created in Brazil last week in the Sao Paulo area. The Alvarenga Brazil Stake was created from the Diadema Brazil and São Paulo Brazil Piratininga Stakes and includes five wards (Jardim Apura, Jardim Selma, Parque Doroteia, Parque Primavera, and Sao Jorge Wards). The new stake becomes the 38th stake in the Sao Paulo metropolitan area; the 37th stake was created last month in Alphaville. There are now 233 stakes and 50 districts in Brazil. Several stakes appear close to splitting in Brazil in the near future (such as in Belem, Fortaleza, Hortolandia, and Santa Maria), but none in the Sao Paulo metropolitan area.

Members report that next weekend, the Macae Brazil District will become a stake. More details will be provided when available.

North Carolina

The Church created its first new stake in North Carolina since 2006 last Sunday. The High Point North Carolina Stake was created from the Greensboro North Carolina Stake and includes seven wards and one branch. There are now 16 stakes in North Carolina.


Leandro said...

There is another stake in São Paulo that is going to divide soon. The São Paulo Taboão Stake has now 10 wards, and recently took 2 wards from São Paulo Raposo Stake. And the Stake organizations are being trained and are full staffed with sufficient members to split the presidencies. It appears to split soon.

Tom said...

It appears that stake growth has accelerated more rapidly in the closing months of this year?

Margalho said...

And also there are two stakes that will unite and split into three stakes in Rio de Janeiro, and my stake is quite close to split too - I presume that this will happen in the next three or four months. About the two stakes that I've mentioned up there, the papers were sent to the Church offices already, only waiting for approval.

Ryan said...

I figure if we get 3 more wards, we'll have a new stake in Anchorage. Our ward has 600 members, but only 1/4 active. There are 20 wards in Anchorage and 5 in Eagle River. If there is one more ward in Eagle River and the other 2 in Anchorage, maybe either 1) the Chugach Stake gets completely moved to Eagle River, and either a West or South named stake or 2) the Chugach Stake moves more into Anchorage and the new stake will be in Eagle River. The thing that is puzzling me is will they call it the Eagle River Alaska Stake or the Anchorage Alaska Eagle River Stake?

Ryan said...

Wow. It looks like Brazil is butter, because it's on a roll!

2 new stakes in Sao Paulo with a potential 3rd one
2 new stakes in Para
1 definite future stake in Rio de Janeiro, with a potential 2nd one.

2 more stakes in Rio de Janeiro makes it all the more likely for a temple. I wonder what the end of year temple announcement will be? 2008 was Trujillo and 2009 was Payson (though announced in January 2010).

Matt said...

Sounds like you're the expert on Alaska Ryan. You'll have to keep us updated for any impending new congregations or stake divisions.

Brazil is a fascinating country for the Church as it has the fifth largest population worldwide and LDS congregations regularly organized. So far in 2010, the number of wards and branches has increased by 34. Unfortunately, there has been little progress expanding the church into unreached areas in recent years. Hopefully we'll see more progress expanding national outreach in the coming months and years.