Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Districts in Guatemala and Madagscar; District Discontinued in the Dominican Republic

New District in Guatemala

The Church created its first new district in Guatemala in 15 years a few weeks ago in the Guatemalan Highlands. The Paxajtup Guatemala District was created from the Momostenango Guatemala Stake and includes three branches in small villages: The Choqui, Paxajtup, and Pueblo Viejo Branches. The Momostenango Guatemala Stake now has five wards and six branches. There are now 39 stakes and 19 districts in Guatemala.

District discontinued in the Dominican Republic

Created in 2007, the Monte Plata Dominican Republic District was discontinued and four of the original five branches in the former district now pertain to the Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Hainamosa Stake, which at present as six wards and four branches. One of the branches - the Gonzalo Branch - was discontinued. Full-time missionaries serving in the branches affected by this consolidation report that limited local Priesthood members and low member activity rates were major problems. These factors likely significantly contributed to the district's discontinuation. However, now that the branches are part of a stake, local Dominican church leaders can help mentor these branches which over time may become wards once activity rates improve. There are now 18 stakes and 10 districts in the country.

New district to be created in Madagascar

What will be the second LDS district ever organized outside of Antananarivo in Madagascar, full-time missionaries report that the Church will create a district in Antsirabe at the end of November, which will likely include the Ambohimena, Antsirabe, Mahazoarivo, and Manandona Branches, and the Sarodroa Group. Church growth has been rapid and strong local leadership has been developed. The first district to be created outside the capital was organized just a month ago in Toamasina (Tamatave) with five branches.


Margalho said...

Good news!

BTW, the Macae District in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will become a stake on December 4th.

Matt said...

Wonderful news! I will be looking forward to the creation of the new stake. Also, a new stake was created in North Carolina yesterday.