Sunday, November 14, 2010

Church Growth News

New Stake in Honduras

Missionaries serving in Tegucigalpa, Honduras report that one of the stakes in the city will divide to create a new stake in early November. I will provide more specifics once they become a available. The creation of new stake in Honduras is a major development as there have been no new stakes created in Honduras since 1997. Unlike many Latin American nations, Honduras has never had a stake discontinued however. Once the new stake is organized, there will be 21 stakes. No additional stakes appear close to dividing, but several stakes have gained additional congregations in the past couple years and may divide in the foreseeable future, such as the Fesitranh Honduras and San Pedro Honduras El Progreso Stakes.

Cities Open for Missionary Work In Paraguay

Full-time missionaries serving in both Paraguay missions report that several cities have opened to missionary work and new LDS groups have been organized. Some of the cities recently opened for missionary work include Katuete, Curuguaty, and Tobati. Strong nominal membership growth continues, but little to no increase in the number of congregations year to year likely indicate major convert retention issues.

The Church in Gabon

In a recent Mormon Channel interview with the past mission president of the Democratic Republic of Congo Mission, specifics on the Church in Gabon were discussed. The Church is not officially recognized in the country, resulting in no reported LDS presence. There do not appear to be any legal restrictions preventing a Church establishment however. There are 10-12 members living in the country who meet in humble circumstances for LDS services in Libreville.

New District in Brazil

A Brazilian member reported that a new district was created in Porto Seguro Brazil. I will provide additional information on the new district once it becomes available.


Ryan said...

A new stake anywhere is awesome! It is a curiosity how come there seems to be an increase in districts, with recent examples, Nicaragua, Norway, Madagascar, Brazil. It seems that district growth is picking up a bit. How many of the world's districts are close to becoming stakes? How many of the world's districts are likely to have another district formed? Also, many of the U.S.'s districts are very close to stakes, such as Paterson, NJ; Brooklyn, NY; Lynbrook, NY; and Pierre, SD. How come these aren't consolidated into those stakes?

Margalho said...

I know about two districts in Brazil that are about to become stakes: Macae District, in Rio de Janeiro and Chapeco District, in Santa Catarina.

About Porto Seguro District, I know that it has at least two branches: Porto Seguro and Coroa Vermelha, and possibly a third one, that is located in a nearby city: Eunapolis. I have to check on that though, I'll ask the mission president about that.

Margalho said...

news about Porto Seguro district: I just spoke to the mission president there, the district comprises four branches: the three mentioned above, plus the Teixeira de Freitas branch. Teixeira de Freitas is the southernmost city in Bahia that has a church unit present.

Matt said...

Thank you for the specifics!

Scott said...

This is awesome! I was a missionary in Eunapolis in 2003 and Zone Leader over Eunapolis and Porto Seguro. At the time, we lived in the house where we also had church meetings in Eunapolis and they had church meetings in Porto Seguro in a house as well. I went back to visit in 2007 and saw the beautiful chapel in Porto Seguro and heard from the missionaries that they had opened Coroa Vermelha.

So exciting to hear about all the growth in the area!