Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Update on Church Growth

City opens for missionary work in Greece
The city of Kavala opened recently for the preaching of the Gospel. This is the first city to be opened for missionary work in over a decade. Membership growth has been slow in this European country increasing by only 20 or so members a year. There are now six branches in the country and almost 700 members.

Districts combine in Peru in preparation for new stake

The La Oroya Peru and Tarma Peru Districts were recently combined in preparation for making a new stake in the near future. Last year a new stake was organized from a district to the southeast in La Merced and five new stakes were created in the entire country. When this new stake is organized, there will be 88 stakes in Peru. Only three countries have more stakes: the United States, Brazil, and Mexico. The above map shows stakes in yellow squares, and districts in green squares. The black square is the district that was combined.

City opens to missionary work in Trinidad and Tobago

The city of Point Fortin on the island of Trinidad recently opened for missionary work. A group has been organized and missionaries have been assigned to the city.

Church meetings now in Bushlot, Guyana

Near the city of New Amsterdam, missionaries have recently secured a building for Church members in Bushlot. The first Sunday meetings were held up to 50 people attended services. I am still unclear as to whether it is a group or a new branch, but will become a branch soon if so many members are attending.

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