Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Branches in Russia and China

New Branch in Russia

Another new branch was recently created in the city of Privolzhski, which is located near the city of Samara. This branch was likely formed from a division of the Engels Branch. There are somewhere around 125-130 branches in Russia today.

New Branches in China

The Beijing China (English) Branch was recently divided into three branches. Beijing is the first city in China to have more than two branches in it. This brings the total number of branches in China up to at least 12. All of these branches are only attended by foreigners in the country. I wrote an earlier post about a new international district created in Shanghai, which you can find further down the page.

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andrew said...

The Beijing (english) branch did not divide into 3 branches. It divided into 2 branches. It is just that the new branch is called the Beijing 3rd branch. The 1st is the original english one and the second is a local one. Chinese citizens are not aloud to meet with expats in church meetings.