Thursday, January 3, 2019

Year in Review - Most Significant Church Growth Developments in 2018

Click here to access my annual article that highlights the ten most encouraging and ten most discouraging church growth developments during the prior year.


James said...

Matt, this was another great summary on the positive and negative growth developments which occurred last year. It appears that Africa continues to see increased growth, for which I am grateful. I am more than a little surprised that Nigeria got a second temple in 2018 before Sierra Leone and Madagascar got their own temples, but either way, it was certainly quite the historic year for temple announcements. I appreciated the note about the 19 temples being the second-highest number of temples announced in a single year. I double-checked, and my memory served me correctly in that, for the highest number of temples announced in a single year, the specific locations were not initially identified. So I think it would be fair to say that the temples announced in 2018 were the highest number (17 out of the 19 total) to have a specific location identified at the time of their announcement.

But more than that: the 2 Argentina temples announced this year (for Salta and Mendoza) have already had a site confirmed, while 7 others (Bengaluru India, Managua Nicargua, Layton Utah, Richmond Virgina, Phnom Penh Cambodia, Puebla Mexico, and Auckland New Zealand) have each had a probable site identified. That means that more than half of the 19 temples announced in 2018 are already well ahead of the remaining 2 temples announced in April 2016 (Quito Ecuador and Belem Brazil) which have not yet had a site confirmed or even unofficially identified.

With the groundbreakings which will be held later this month for the Urdaneta Philippines and Bangkok Thailand Temples, there will be 28 other temples which have not yet progressed to a groundbreaking. Information available to me has left me confident enough to venture a general groundbreaking estimate for 16 of those 28, and my research on each of those temples has led me to conclude that all of those 16 could have a groundbreaking within the next 3.25 years, but certainly sooner if all goes well. That would trim the list of currently-announced temples down to 12, which is the number of temples which had not progressed to a groundbreaking before President Nelson's prophetic administration began.

I apologize for rambling on so long, but my point was I appreciated Matt's analysis of the 19 temples announced this year. It was likewise great to hear of the ongoing growth developments in South America and Africa. I believe we will see many other temples announced for those two continents in the coming years.

I was additionally surprised to hear how much of a positive increase there was in the number of wards and branches in the United States in 2018. I hope that is an indication that the once-stagnant growth of the Church in this nation is reversing and correcting itself. And I am sure that one of the many reasons the First Presidency opted to reestablish area presidencies in North America is that those six area presidencies can provide a more hands-on approach in working with Church leaders and missionaries in their areas to improve the strength of the Church throughout the US and Canada.

If that is the case, and if those efforts prove successful, that will no doubt help the stagnating growth problem to be adequately eliminated, which in turn will open up the possibility that more Church units and temples will be needed to serve the newly re-strengthened areas of the Church throughout North America. I apologize for again going off on tangents, but hope this comment has proven helpful to at least some who read it. We live in an exciting time for the Church, and I am sure we have no idea of what is coming in terms of any aspect of the Church, its' growth, or its' temple construction program. Thanks again to Matt for this report and for letting all of us contribute to the ongoing discussion of such developments.

Chris said...

Of the recently announced temples, 85 percent are international. Here's why that matters

Steven Cuff said...

I calculated (about a decade ago) what the church might be in a century. Brazil and United States tied for the lead. South America more than North America. Languages of the church: (by percent) 36 Spanish, 24 English, 14 Portuguese, 4 French, under 2 many lands. 200 African temples.

Recently I calculated a century from NOW. Africa the lead continent. Nigeria possibly the lead country. 350 to 2000 African temples.

Jay Palmer said...

I have read your blog for years and needless to say, as one who served a mission in Bulgaria in the late 90s, the recent articles highlighting the struggles in that region are disheartening. All the same I appreciate your dedication to this blog and the information you have provided. Glad also to see the successes of the Church in other regions too!

Keep it up!

Brett Stirling said...

Australia has seen a large increase in migration of Polynesian members incoming from New Zealand and the Pacific at large. As a result, the demographics of the Australian membership has shifted significantly, not seen since the migration waves of New Zealanders in the 80’s.

Tassie Metusela said...

This is correct. There is a direct correlation between the rate of membership growth and the housing markets opportunities and other factors like welfare contributions (baby bonus). It would be interested to see the stats for NZ although I assume the bucket constantly being replenished directly by the islands

John Pack Lambert said...

I wish unfounded personal attacks would not be allow to stand in the coments section

John Pack Lambert said...

The two missionaries currently serving in my area are by many measures neither white. It is a complex matter. One looks white, but his maternal grandfather was a native of Tonga. The other has a maternal grandfather who was African-American, but especially since he was raised in a very upscale part of the Las Vegas metro area, does not seem to heavily identify as African-American.

I recently learned that Ypsilanti Michigan has a sizeable Congolese community. There has been at least one Congolese family baptized there.

A huge portion of the population of Africa lives in rural areas, and outside of south-east Nigeria where the true outreach was done long before missionaries came, there are very few places on the continent where the Church is established in rural areas. There is great potential here. It is a case though where the harvest is great but the laborers are few.

Elder Soares being an apostle gives me great hope for Church growth in both Angola and Mozambique and also hope that Guinea Bissau and some other Portuguese places can soon be reached. He was previously in the Africa Southeast Area presidency for a time.

A 4th mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo will hopefully help in expanding the Church to even more areas.

Eduardo Clinch said...

Maybe East Timor could get some missionary outreach. Or Guinea-Bissau.

Pascal Friedmann said...

I'm glad to see another mission in the DRC. The distances between outreach centers in each mission is pretty vast, and I know that a lot of the time transfers outside of Kinshasa happen by plane. So it would make sense to create more missions relatively quickly, even if those end up not staffed fully to 200 to 250 missionaries. I wonder if the new mission will cover simply the eastern portion of Kinshasa, or whether it will extend well into or even focus heavily on cities like Kikwit, Bandundu and others to the west of Kananga, which have not a single branch established.

It also appears that the DRC is more self-sufficient in its missionary force than Nigeria Ghana or Ivory Coast, for instance. The vast majority of DRC missionaries are also from the DRC. And to my understanding, they also send sizable numbers of missionaries to Cote d'Ivoire, Togo and Benin.

Dedicated outreach in East Timor would be fantastic. I think it might happen next year, with the group and its English classes for the community gaining increasing foothold in Dili. Also, I've been running some Facebook ad campaigns to the Portuguese, and engagement rates have been insanely high.

Eduardo Clinch said...

Good for you, Pascal. That is great! Thanks for your service. Dem. Republic of Congo is massive. Imagine only 4 missions for the whole U.S. eastern seaboard to the Mississippi. I think that is comparable in territory.

Unknown said...

Boma has a branch as does Makandi so there is already outreach to the west of Kinshasa in the mission. The Kinshasa Mission also covers two branches in northern Congo. Considering how vast an area that is it is surpring there are but two branches. There may buggg e additional groups beyond these 4 branches outside of DR Congo.

Considering that Ghana has had 4 missions now for 5 years while DR Congo just is getting a 4th mission mission self sufficiency is hard to compare.

I am hoping a temple is announced fpr Lumbumbashi in April. Sane for Benin City, Freetown and Monrovia. Monrovia is still an outside candidate. I am also routing for a temple in either Port Harvourt, Calabar, or somewhere in Akwa Ibom State. Without a temple in one of those places the Aba Temple will still be serving 26 or so stakes with an 11,000 square foot building. I know Port Harcourt gets shot down because it is super close to Aba. This is not much more than the distance from Sao Paulo to Campinas and Sao Paulo is a larger temple. So also Campinas Temple is bigger than Aba Temple. So there is a possibility there, although maybe not that pressing.

Chris said...

Good News! The 1st new Stake/District organized in the 2019 year, "Masaka Uganda District" published on both : (today 01/08/2019) and,,31.74384&z=12&m=google.road&layers=stakecenter&q=Masaka%20Uganda%20District&find=stake:2132427.

David Todd said...

That is wonderful news!

James said...

With the temple in Kinshasa set for its' dedication one week following General Conference, I could definitely see President Nelson announce a temple for Lubumbashi, which has been on various lists of mine for a while now. That prospect becomes even more likely given the consideration that President Nelson may embark on another leg of his Global Ministry Tour following the April General Conference, with the Kinshasa DR Congo Temple dedication being part of that tour. If a temple is announced for Lubumbashi at that time, perhaps part of the tour could involve finding land for it. Quite a few temples announced last year have already had a likely or probable site location identified, so it is possible.

That said, all the other locations mentioned by Unknown above are also on my current list of locations which could have a temple announced, either in the immediate or more distant future. Can't remember if I mentioned this before on this blog, but I have two top picks for Africa which seem most likely to have a temple announced in the near future. Those two locations are Freetown Sierra Leone and Antananarivo Madagascar as the first and second respectively. Sierra Leone seems a lock for a temple because of the increased number of units created there over the last couple of years. As for the merits of a temple for the capital of Madagascar, that country is separated from the rest of the continent by a body of water, and traveling to any temple to which the Saints that nation are currently or may subsequently be assigned may constitute undue hardship for them.

Great news about the first new district created in 2019. My thanks to you, Chris, for passing that information along. What a remarkable time we live in!

Chris said...
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Gnesileah said...

I had fallen behind these last few months, so I apologize if anyone was relying on this information for their own records. Here are all the changes I am aware of since my last posting in late October. Most of this is old news, and I acknowledge the unit data at other sites mentioned here previously provides accurate and timely updates for those interested. The information I give here includes the assigned stake/district, transferred units, and renamed units. As long as the U.S. government remains shutdown, I have more time on my hands to keep up with this... Sorry for clogging the comments with these long lists.

Gnesileah said...

Luanda Angola District upgraded to Stake
- Benfica, Golf, Nova Vida, Patriota Branches upgraded to Wards
- Terra Nova, Viana Branches transferred from Viana Angola District and upgraded to Wards
- Cacuaco, Cazenga, Kilamba, Zango Branches transferred from Viana Angola District

Viana Angola District discontinued
- Cacuaco, Cazenga, Kilamba, Terra Nova, Viana, Zango branches transferred to Luanda Angola Stake

Benin Cotonou Mission
- Porto Novo Branch transferred from Cotonou Benin Stake

Cococodji Benin District created
- Cococodji, Fidjrosse, Hevie Wards and Agla, Cocotomey, Hilcondji Branches transferred from Cotonou Benin Stake
- Cococodji, Fidjrosse, and Hevie Wards downgraded to Branches

Gaborone Botswana Stake
- Mogoditshane Ward created

Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire Niangon North Stake
- Micao Ward renamed Micao 2nd Ward
- Micao 1st Ward created

Anonkoua Cote d'Ivoire Stake
- Sodeci Branch upgraded to Ward

Dokui Cote d'Ivoire Stake
- Belle-ville Ward renamed Belleville 1st Ward
- Plaque Ward renamed Plaque 1st Ward
- Belleville 2nd Ward created
- Plaque 2nd Ward created

Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Kimbanseke Stake
- Badara Ward created

Luputa Democratic Republic of the Congo Stake
- Kabusanga Ward renamed Kabusanga 1st Ward
- Katshisungu Ward renamed Katshisungu 1st Ward
- Kabusanga 2nd and Katshisungu 2nd Wards created

Cape Coast Ghana Stake
- Ntranao Branch upgraded to Ward
- Akotokyer Branch created

Tema Ghana Stake
- Dawhenya Branch upgraded to Ward

Yamoransa Ghana Stake
- Otuam Branch created

Liberia Monrovia Mission
- Cotton Tree Branch created

Caldwell Liberia Stake
- Chocolate City Ward created

Monrovia Liberia Bushrod Island Stake
- Virginia Ward created
- Virginia Waterside Branch created

Nigeria Ibadan Mission
- Ikrire Branch created

Abakaliki Nigeria District upgraded to Stake
- Abakaliki, Afikpo 1st, Afikpo 2nd, Itim, Nkwagu, Okposi, and Ozizza Branches upgraded to Wards

Abuja Nigeria North Stake
- Gonigora Branch upgraded to Ward

Agbor Nigeria District
- Agbor 4th Branch created

Akure Nigeria District
- Akure 1st Branch renamed Oyemekun Branch
- Oba-Ile Branch created

Asaba Nigeria Stake
- Illah Branch upgraded to Ward
- Asaba 5th Ward created
- Asaba 6th Branch created
- Okpanam Branch created

Enugu Nigeria Stake
- Akwuke Branch upgraded to Ward
- Maryland Branch created

Jos Nigeria District
- Rantiya Branch created

Lagos Nigeria Yaba Stake
- Badore Branch upgraded to Ward

Makurdi Nigeria District
- North Bank Branch created

Mbaise Nigeria Stake
- Oboama Branch renamed Oboama 1st Branch
- Ibeku Branch created
- Ahiara Branch created
- Owutu Branch created
- Mbutu Branch created

Onitsha Nigeria Stake
- Omogba Branch upgraded to Ward
- Transnkisi Ward created

Otukpo Nigeria District
- Otobi Akpa Branch created
- Awo-Ofokume Branch created

Brazzaville Republic of Congo Stake
- Moungali Branch upgraded to Ward

Makelekele Republic of Congo Stake
- Nzoko Ward created

Pointe-Noire Republic of the Congo District
- Tchimbamba Branch created

Freetown Sierra Leone Stake
- Juba Ward created

Bloemfontein South Africa Stake
- Kroonstad Branch created

Soweto South Africa Stake
- Discovery Ward created
- Florida 2nd Branch updated to Ward

Uganda Kampala Mission
- Kamonkoli [UG] Branch created

Masaka Uganda District created
- Kijjabwemim, Masaka, Nyendo Branches transferred from Uganda Kampala Mission

Gnesileah said...

Amman Jordan District
- Amman 2nd Branch (English) renamed Amman Branch (English)
- Amman 1st and North Jordan Branches either marked sensitive or downgraded to groups under the Amman Jordan District Branch

Darkhan Mongolia District
- Erdenet 1st Branch renamed Erdenet Branch
- Erdenet 2nd Branch discontinued

Agoo Philippines District upgraded to Stake
- Agoo 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Damortis, Rosario Branches upgraded to Wards

Burgos Philippines District
- Burgos 2nd Branch renamed Burgos Branch
- Burgos 1st Branch discontinued

Bogo Philippines Stake
- Anapog Branch discontinued

Catarman Philippines Stake
- Allen 2nd Branch upgraded to Ward

Morong Rizal Philippines District upgraded to Stake
- Binangonan, Malaya, Morong, Tanay, Teresa Branches upgraded to Wards

Naga Philippines Stake
- Camaligan Branch upgraded to Ward

Naic Philippines Stake
- Carissa, Maragondon, Naic, Punta, Tanza, and Trece Martires Branches upgraded to Wards

Novaliches Philippines Stake
- Bagong Silang 2nd Branch upgraded to Ward

Tacloban Philippines Stake
- Marabut Branch created

Gnesileah said...

Melbourne Australia Deer Park Stake
- Burnside Ward renamed Deer Park Ward
- Hillside Ward discontinued

Townsville Australia District
- Ayr Branch discontinued
- Charters Towers Branch discontinued

Auckland New Zealand Harbour Stake
- Albany Ward renamed East Coast Bays Ward
- Torbay Ward discontinued

Nelson New Zealand District
- Motueka Branch reinstated

Apeldoorn Netherlands Stake
- Amersfoort Ward discontinued

Gnesileah said...

Buenos Aires Argentina Congreso Stake
- Retiro Branch created

Buenos Aires Argentina Sarmiento Stake
- Vucetich Branch upgraded to Ward

Córdoba Argentina Chacabuco Stake
- Parque Liceo Branch upgraded to Ward

Lujan Argentina Stake
- La Fraternidad Ward created

Rosario Argentina West Stake
- Carcaraña Branch upgraded to Ward

Venado Tuerto Argentina District
- Hughes Branch discontinued

Feira de Santana Brazil Kalilândia Stake
- Feira 10th, Jardim Cruzeiro Wards and Santo Estevão Branch transferred from Feira de Santana Brazil Stake

Feira de Santana Brazil North Stake created
- Conceição do Coité, Feira de Santana 3rd, Nova Esperança, Serrinha, and Sobradinho Wards transferred from Feira de Santana Brazil Kalilândia Stake
- Alagoinhas Ward transferred from Camaçari Brazil Central Stake

João Pessoa Brazil Centro Stake
- Jardim Veneza Ward renamed Novais Ward

Maceió Brazil Colina Stake
- Novo Jardim Ward created

São João da Boa Vista Brazil Stake
- Habitacional Branch upgraded and renamed Poços de Caldas 3rd Ward

São José dos Campos Brazil South Stake created
- Cidade Jardim, Jacareí, Jardim Satélite, Morumbi, and Parque Industrial Wards transferred from São José dos Campos Brazil Stake

Tubarão Brazil Stake
- Jaguaruna Branch discontinued

Vale do Itajaí Brazil Stake
- Navegantes Ward renamed Navegantes 1st Ward
- Navegantes 2nd Ward created

El Alto Bolivia Satélite Stake
- Doce de Octubre Ward renamed Sexto de Marzo Ward
- Panamericana Ward renamed Murillo Ward
- Villa Dolores Ward discontinued

Santa Cruz Bolivia Abundancia Stake
- Cortez Ward created

Santa Cruz Bolivia La Pampa Stake
- El Dorado and Las Piedades Wards transferred from Santa Cruz Bolivia Paraíso Stake

Santa Cruz Bolivia Viru Viru Stake
- Jenecheru Ward created

Rancagua Chile Tupahue Stake
- Codegua Branch renamed Angostura Branch
- San Francisco de Mostazal Branch discontinued

Talcahuano Chile South Stake renamed Hualpen Chile Stake (showing as Chile Hualpen Stake)

Machala Ecuador Stake
- El Guabo Branch upgraded to Ward

Machala Ecuador Puerto Bolivar Stake created
- Dieciocho de Octubre, Florida, La Paz, Los Esteros, Puerto Bolivar Wards transferred from Machala Ecuador Stake

Capiatá Paraguay Stake
- Anahí 1st Ward renamed Anahí Ward
- Anahí 2nd Ward discontinued

Lima Perú Canto Grande Stake
- Los Postes Ward created

Lima Perú Central Stake
- Los Naranjos Ward created

Lima Perú Chaclacayo Stake
- Pariachi Branch upgraded and renamed Praderas Ward

Lima Perú San Luis Stake
- Javier Prado Branch reinstated

Coro Venezuela Stake created
- Alta Vista, Los Medanos, Manaure, Puerto Cumarebo Wards transferred from Punto Fijo Venezuela Stake

Punto Fijo Venezuela Stake
- Bella Vista Branch upgraded and renamed Centro Ward

Gnesileah said...

Puntarenas Costa Rica District
- Esparza Branch discontinued

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Villa Mella Stake
- Punta Branch upgraded to Ward

Guatemala City Stake
- Las Lomas Branch discontinued

Guatemala City La Laguna Stake
- San Rafael Ward discontinued

Amecameca México Stake
- Amecameca 1st Ward renamed Amecameca Ward
- Amecameca 2nd Ward renamed Panohaya Ward
- San Pedro Nexapa 1st Ward renamed San Pedro Nexapa Ward
- San Pedro Nexapa 2nd Ward renamed Las Flores Ward
- San Pedro Nexapa 3rd Ward renamed Ixta-Popo Ward
- San Pedro Nexapa 4th Ward renamed La Palma Ward
- Zentlalpan 1st Ward renamed Emiliano Zapata Ward
- Zentlalpan 2nd Ward renamed Zentlalpan Ward
- Huehuecalco Ward discontinued

Chalco México Stake
- Culturas Ward renamed Villas Ward
- Jazmin Ward renamed San Pablo Atlazalpan Ward
- Telelco Branch created
- Atlazalpan Ward discontinued

Ciudad Victoria México Stake
- Victoria Branch upgraded to Ward
- Bicententario Branch discontinued
- Mainero Branch discontinued

Matías Romero México District
- Lagunas Branch created

México City Alamedas Stake
- Alamedas Ward renamed Esmeralda Ward
- Lomas Lindas Ward renamed Pedregal Ward
- Valle Dorado Ward transferred from MC Valle Dorado Stake
- Villas de La Hacienda Ward transferred from MC Tepalcapa Stake

México City Anáhuac Stake
- Laureles Ward renamed Tecnologico Ward
- Olivos Ward renamed Gobernadores Ward
- Nueva Aragón Ward renamed Prizo Ward
- Xalostoc Ward transferred from MC Xalostoc Stake
- Chamizal Ward discontinued
- Hacienda Ward discontinued
- Sagitario Ward discontinued
- San Felipe Ward discontinued

México City Aragón Stake
- Consulado Ward renamed Oceania Ward
- Bosques Ward transferred from MC Anáhuac Stake
- Plazas Ward transferred from MC Anáhuac Stake and renamed Impulsora Ward
- Pradera Ward transferred from MC Madero Stake
- Vergel Ward transferred from MC Madero Stake
- Allende Ward discontinued
- Azteca Ward discontinued
- Bosque Ward discontinued

México City Arbolillo Stake
- Centro Escolar Ward created
- Arbolillo 1st Ward renamed Arbolillo Ward
- Arbolillo 2nd Ward discontinued
- Ventisca Ward discontinued

México City Azteca Stake
- Quetzalcoatl Ward renamed La Florida Stake
- Campiña Ward transferred from MC Xalostoc Stake
- Jardines Ward transferred from MC Xalostoc Stake and renamed Joya Ward
- Tenochitlán Ward transferred from MC Xalostoc Stake
- Central Ward discontinued

México City Camarones Stake
- Claveria Ward renamed Tlatilco Ward
- Grandjas Ward renamed Azcapotzalco Ward
- Tacuba Ward renamed Marina Ward
- Cuitláhuac Ward discontinued

México City Centenario Stake discontinued
- Centenario, El Risco, Estrella Wards, Indios Verdes Branch transferred to MC Madero Stake
- Victoria Ward transferred to MC Industrial Stake
- Carrera Ward discontinued
- Morelos Ward discontinued
- Hidalgo Branch discontinued

México City Chapultepec Stake
- Vista Hermosa Ward renamed Interlomas Ward
- Santiago Branch created
- Anahuac Ward discontinued

México City Chimalhuacan District created
- Arboleda, Ciduad Alegre, Plateros, Xochitenco Wards transferred from MC La Perla Stake and downgraded to Branches

México City Coacalco Stake
- Granjas Ward discontinued
- La Laguna Ward discontinued

México City Contreras Stake
- Picacho Ward created
- Aculco Ward discontinued

México City Cuautepec Stake
- Arboledas Ward renamed Forestral Ward
- Ponderosa Ward discontinued
- Zona Escolar Ward discontinued

Gnesileah said...

México City Cuautitlán Stake
- Valle de la Hacienda Ward renamed San Miguel Ward
- Jardines Ward discontinued

México City Culhuacan Stake renamed México City Villa Coapa Stake
- Coapa Ward renamed Villa Coapa Ward
- Cuicuilco Ward transferred from MC Contreras Stake
- Milpa Alta Ward transferred from Chalco México Stake and downgraded to Branch
- Cafetales Ward discontinued
- Culhuacán Ward discontinued

México City Culturas Stake
- Aquiles Serdán ward renamed Los Angeles Ward
- Chamapa Ward renamed Minas Ward
- Hacienda Ward renamed Civilizaciones Ward
- Loma Hermosa Ward renamed Granada Ward
- Tezozomoc Ward renamed Campo Verde Ward
- Constituyentes Ward downgraded to Branch and renamed Progreso Branch
- El Molinito 2nd Ward downgraded to Branch and renamed Cantera Branch
- Armas Ward discontinued
- Culturas Ward discontinued
- El Molinito 1st Ward discontinued

México City Ecatepec Stake
- El Mirador Ward transferred from MC Xalostoc Stake
- Pradera Ward transferred from MC Tecamac Stake
- Fuentes Ward discontinued
- Izcalli Ward discontinued
- Morelos Ward discontinued
- Rios Ward discontinued
- Valle Ward discontinued

México City Ermita Stake
- Escuadrón Ward discontinued
- Nativitas Wards discontinued

México City Industrial Stake
- Joyas Ward renamed Circuito Ward
- Victoria Ward transferred from MC Centenario Stake
- Congreso Ward discontinued
- Peralvillo Ward discontinued
- Tlatelolco Ward discontinued

México City Ixtapaluca Stake
- Buenaventura Ward renamed Palmas Ward
- Monte Corona Ward renamed Telapon Ward
- Cuatro Vientos Ward transferred from Chalco México Stake and downgraded to Branch
- Jardines Ward discontinued

México City Iztapalapa Stake renamed México City Tlahuac Stake
- Jardines Ward renamed El Molino Ward
- Tlaltenco Ward transferred from MC Meyehualco Stake
- Iztapalapa Ward discontinued
- Olivos Ward discontinued
- Oriente Ward discontinued

México City La Perla Stake
- Aurora Ward renamed Estadio Ward
- Chimalhuacán Ward renamed El Parque Ward
- Villada Ward renamed Las Torres Ward
- Benito Juárez Ward transferred from the MC Netzahualcóyotl Stake
- Progreso Ward discontinued
- Aguilas Branch discontinued
- El Parque Branch discontinued

México City Lindavista Stake
- Linda Vista 1st Ward renamed Montevideo Ward
- Linda Vista 2nd Ward renamed Linda Vista Ward
- Nacional 2nd Ward renamed Progreso Ward
- Ticoman Ward renamed Zacatenco Ward
- Nacional 1st Ward discontinued
- Politécnico Wards discontinued

Gnesileah said...

México City Lomas Verdes Stake
- Santa Mónica Ward renamed Bellavista Ward
- Los Arcos Ward transferred from MC Culturas Stake and renamed Cipreses Ward
- Jacarandas Ward discontinued

México City Los Heroes Tecamac Stake created
- Bosques de Los Heroes Ward transferred from MC Tecamac Stake and renamed Bosques 1st Ward
- Jardines Branch transferred from MC Tecamac Stake and renamed Jardines de Morelos Branch
- Los Heroes Ward transferred from MC Tecamac Stake and renamed Los Heroes 1st Ward
- Montes and Venta de Carpio Wards transferred from MC Tecamac Stake
- Bosques 2nd Ward created
- Los Heroes 2nd Wards created

México City Los Reyes Stake
- Izacalli Ward transferred from MC Ixtapaluca Stake
- Revolución Branch upgraded to Ward
- La Paz Ward discontinued

México City Meyehualco Stake
- Constitución Ward transferred from MC Iztapalapa Stake
- Cuauhtémoc Ward discontinued
- Estacion Ward discontinued

México City Moctezuma Stake
- Aeropuerto Ward renamed Moctezuma Ward
- Balbuena Ward renamed Puebla Ward
- Mixihuca Ward renamed Taller Ward
- Moctezuma Ward renamed Flores Magon Ward
- Arenal Ward transferred from MC Pantitlán Stake
- Pantitlán Ward transferred from MC Pantitlán Stake
- Hangares Ward discontinued
- Olimpico Ward discontinued
- Zaragoza Ward discontinued

México City Netzahualcóyotl Stake
- Héroes Ward renamed Metropolitana Ward
- Lucero Ward renamed Ignacio Zaragoza Ward
- Agua Azul Ward transferred from MC Pantitlán Stake
- El Palmar Ward transferred from MC Pantitlán Stake
- Juárez Ward transferred from MC Pantitlán Stake
- Juan Escutia Ward discontinued

México City Oriental Stake
- Fovissste Ward renamed Oriental Ward
- Progresista Ward transferred from MC Iztapalapa Stake and renamed Iztapalapa Ward
- Juarez Branch created
- Aculco Ward discontinued
- Granjas Ward discontinued
- Oriental [old] Ward discontinued
- Paseos de Churubusco Ward discontinued

México City Pantitlán Stake discontinued
- Agua Azul, El Palmar, Juárez Wards transferred to MC Netzahualcóyotl Stake
- Arenal and Pantitlán Wards transferred to MC Moctezuma Stake
- Maravillas Ward discontinued

México City Paraíso Stake
- Guelatao Ward renamed Ejercito de Oriente Ward
- Palmitas Ward renamed Paraiso Ward
- Ejército de Oriente [old] Ward discontinued
- Paraíso [old] Ward discontinued
- Campestre Branch discontinued

México City Prados Stake renamed México City Melchor Ocampo Stake
- Tultepec Ward renamed Tultepec 1st Ward
- Tultepec 2nd Ward created
- Cuautitlán Ward transferred from MC Cuautitlán Stake
- Joyas Ward transferred from MC Cuautitlán Stake
- Melchor Ocampo Ward transferred from MC Cuautitlán Stake
- Teoloyucan Ward transferred from MC Cuautitlán Stake
México City Tacubaya Stake
- Roma 2nd Ward renamed Roma Ward
- Bellavista Ward transferred from MC Chapultepec Stake
- Madereros Ward transferred from MC Chapultepec Stake and renamed Observatorio Ward
- Santa Fe Ward downgraded to Branch
- Jalalpa Ward discontinued
- Olivar Ward discontinued
- Plateros Ward discontinued
- Roma 1st Ward discontinued

México City Tepalcapa Stake renamed México City Bosques Stake
- Atlanta Ward renamed Los Lirios Ward
- Tepalcapa Ward renamed Perinorte Ward
- Arcos del Alba Ward transferred from MC Cuautitlán Stake
- Ciudad Labor Ward discontinued
- Hacienda del Parque Ward discontinued
- Lagos Ward discontinued
- Mira Azul Ward discontinued

México City Tenayo Stake
- Juárez Ward discontinued

México City Tlalnepantla Stake
- Tequexquináhuac Ward transferred from MC Valle Dorado Stake
- Izcalli Pirámide Ward discontinued
- Tlalli Ward discontinued

México City Tlalpan Stake
- Ojo de Agua Ward discontinued

Gnesileah said...

México City Valle Dorado Stake renamed México City Tultitlán Stake
- Bosques Ward transferred from the MC Villa de las Flores Stake
- Chilpa Ward transferred from MC Tepalcapa Stake and renamed Chilpan Ward
- Fuentas Ward transferred from MC Villa de las Flores Stake
- Real Hacienda Ward transferred from MC Villa de las Flores Stake
- Atizapan Ward discontinued
- Jardines Ward discontinued
- La Quebrada Ward discontinued

México City Vergel Stake renamed México City Madero Stake
- Centenario Ward transferred from MC Centenario Stake
- El Risco Ward transferred from MC Centenario Stake
- Estrella Ward transferred from MC Centenario Stake and renamed Villa Madero Ward
- Indios Verdes Branch transferred from MC Cententario Stake and renamed El Copal Branch
- Jordán Ward discontinued

México City Villa de las Flores Stake
- Plazas Ward renamed Dalias Ward
- Rinconada Ward renamed Orquídeas Ward
- Villa de las Flores Ward renamed Noche Buena Ward
- Alborada Ward transferred from MC Prados Stake
- Pradera Ward transferred from MC Prados Stake
- Prados Ward transferred from MC Prados Stake
- Primavera Ward transferred from MC Prados Stake
- Geranio Ward discontinued
- Las Rosas Ward discontinued
- Real del Bosque Ward discontinued
- Zarzaparrillas Ward discontinued

México City Xalostoc Stake discontinued
- Estrella Ward discontinued
- Independencia Ward discontinued
- Provenir Ward discontinued

Querétaro México Los Arcos Stake
- Paseos Branch upgraded and renamed El Marques Ward
- Héroes Branch discontinued

Tecalco México Stake
- Ozumba 1st Ward renamed Ozumba Ward
- San Juan Tehuixtitlan 1st and 2nd Wards transferred from Amecameca México Stake
- Tepecoculco Branch upgraded to Ward
- Tepetlixpa Ward downgraded to Branch
- Ozumba 2nd Ward discontinued
- Tecalco Centro Ward discontinued

Texcoco México District created
- Chapingo and Texcoco Wards transferred from MC Los Reyes Stake and downgraded to Branches
- Chiautla and Coatlinchan Branches created

Tizayuca México Stake created
- Plazas Tizayuca Ward transferred from Pachuca México South Stake
- Tizayuca Ward transferred from Pachuca México South Stake and renamed Tizayuca 1st Ward
- Zumpango Ward transferred from MC Tecamac Stake and renamed Zumpango 1st Ward
- Tizayuca 2nd Ward created
- Zumpango 2nd Ward created

Villahermosa México Gaviotas Stake
- Ciudad Pemex Branch discontinued

San Juan Puerto Rico Stake
- Pontezuela Ward discontinued

Gnesileah said...

Cardston Alberta West Stake
- Chinook Branch (Care Center) created

Cottonwood Arizona Stake
- Verde Valley YSA Branch discontinued

Carlsbad California Stake
- Carlsbad 1st Ward renamed Calavera Ward
- Carlsbad 3rd Ward renamed Highland Ward
- Carlsbad 4th Ward renamed Poinsettia Ward
- Oceanside 1st Ward renamed Harbor View Ward
- Oceanside 2nd Ward renamed Rancho Del Oro Ward
- Oceanside 3rd Ward renamed Ivey Ranch Ward
- Oceanside 4th Ward renamed Fire Mountain Ward
- Oceanside 5th Ward (Spanish) renamed Buena Vista Ward (Spanish)
- Sage Creek Ward created

Chula Vista California Stake
- Chula Vista YSA Ward renamed San Diego Bay YSA Ward
- Harbor View Ward renamed Harbor Ward

Downey California Stake
- South Gate 1st Branch (Spanish) renamed South Gate Branch (Spanish)

Inglewood California Stake
- South Gate 2nd Ward (Spanish) renamed Figueroa Ward (Spanish)

Irvine California Stake
- Oak Creek Ward renamed Woodbury Ward

Livermore California Stake
- Mocho Branch (Spanish) renamed Del Valle Branch (Spanish)

Long Beach California Stake
- Lakewood YSA Ward discontinued

Menifee California Stake
- Mapleton Ward discontinued

Mission Viejo California Stake
- Terramor Ward created

Moreno Valley California Stake
- Hidden Springs Ward discontinued

Porterville California Stake
- Porterville 1st Ward renamed Porterville Ward
- Porterville 2nd Ward renamed Springville Ward
- Porterville 6th Branch (Spanish) renamed Tulare 2nd Branch (Spanish)
- Tulare Ward renamed Tulare 1st Ward
- Lindsay Ward renamed Lindsay Ward (Spanish)

Sacramento California Stake
- Sacramento 6th Branch (Marshallese) discontinued

San Diego California Stake
- San Diego YSA 2nd Ward discontinued

Simi Valley California Stake
- Santa Susana 1st Ward renamed Sequoia Ward
- Simi 4th Ward renamed Sinaloa Ward
- Erringer Ward discontinued

Yucaipa California Stake
- Yucaipa 1st Ward renamed Bryant Glen Ward
- Yucaipa 2nd Ward renamed Wildwood Canyon Ward
- Yucaipa 3rd Ward renamed Chapman Heights Ward
- Yucaipa 5th Ward renamed Wilson Creek Ward
- Yucaipa 4th Ward discontinued

Colorado Springs East Stake
- Colorado Springs 11th Ward renamed Sunset Mesa Ward
- Colorado Springs 15th Ward renamed Cottonwood Creek Ward
- Wolf Lake Ward created

Colorado Springs North Stake
- King's Deer Ward created

Loveland Colorado Stake
- Monte Vista Branch (Spanish) created

New Haven Connecticut Stake
- Waterbury Ward renamed Waterbury 1st Ward
- Waterbury 2nd Branch (Spanish) created

Gnesileah said...

Coral Springs Florida Stake
- Lyons Branch (Haitian-Creole) upgraded to Ward

Fort Walton Beach Florida Stake
- Fort Walton 1st Ward renamed Fort Walton Ward
- Fort Walton 3rd Branch (Spanish) created
- Freeport Branch created
- Fort Walton 2nd Ward discontinued

Athens Georgia Stake
- Loganville Ward created

Powder Springs Georgia Stake
- Dallas Ward created

Ammon Idaho North Stake
- Ammon 34th Ward created

Hayden Lake Idaho Stake
- Kellogg Ward renamed Silver Valley Ward

Idaho Falls Ammon West Stake
- Woodruff 1st Ward renamed Woodruff Ward
- Woodruff 3rd Ward renamed Coronado Ward
- Woodruff 2nd Ward discontinued

Idaho Falls YSA Stake
- Shelley YSA 1st Branch upgraded and renamed Shelley YSA Ward
- Shelley YSA 2nd Branch discontinued

Meridian Idaho Victory Stake
- Stoddard Ward created

Rexburg Idaho Married Student 4th Stake
- Rexburg Married Student 39th Ward created

Rexburg Idaho North Stake
- Moran View Ward created

Sugar City Idaho Stake
- Sugar City 1st Ward renamed Teton Island Ward
- Sugar City 3rd Ward renamed Ponderosa Ward
- Sugar City 6th Ward renamed South Fork Ward
- Sugar City 7th Ward renamed Heritage Park Ward

Twin Falls Idaho West Stake
- Auger Falls Ward created

Wendell Idaho Stake
- Gooding Branch (Sign Language) discontinued

Chicago Illinois Stake
- Chicago Hyde Park YSA Branch discontinued

Peoria Illinois Stake
- Bloomington 1st Ward renamed Bloomington Ward
- Bloomington 2nd Ward discontinued

Wilmette Illinois Stake
- Chicago Lake Shore YSA Ward renamed Chicago YSA Ward

Evansville Indiana Stake
- Newburgh Ward renamed Newburgh 1st Ward
- Newburgh 2nd Ward created

Indianapolis Indiana North Stake
- Fishers 3rd Ward created

Cambridge Massachusetts Stake
- Longfellow Park YSA 1st renamed Longfellow Park YSA Ward
- Longfellow Park YSA 2nd Ward discontinued

St Robert Missouri Stake
- Rolla YSA Branch created

Great Falls Montana Stake
- Shelby Branch upgraded to Ward

Gnesileah said...

Kearney Nebraska Stake
- North Platte 1st Ward renamed North Platte Ward
- North Platte 2nd Ward discontinued

Omaha Nebraska Stake
- Blair Branch upgraded to Ward

Carson City Nevada Stake
- Eagle Valley Branch (Spanish) reinstated

Logandale Nevada Stake
- Logandale 1st Ward renamed Pioneer Ward
- Logandale 2nd Ward renamed Skyline Ward
- Logandale 3rd Ward renamed Lake Valley Ward
- Logandale 4th Ward renamed St Joseph Ward
- Logandale 5th Ward renamed Muddy River Ward
- Logandale 6th Ward renamed Hinckley Ward
- Overton 1st Ward renamed Mormon Mesa Ward
- Overton 2nd Ward renamed St Thomas Ward
- Overton 3rd Ward renamed Cottonwood Ward
- Moapa Ward renamed Meadow Valley Ward
- Overton 4th Ward discontinued

Nashua New Hampshire Stake
- Lowell Ward renamed Lowell 1st Ward
- Lowell 2nd Branch (Portuguese) created

Gastonia North Carolina Stake
- Gardner Park Branch (Spanish) created

Fargo North Dakota Stake
- Fargo 3rd Ward created

Cincinnati Ohio North Stake
- Hamilton Ward renamed Pleasant Ward
- Mason Ward created
- Fairfield Ward discontinued

Toledo Ohio Stake
- Toledo 1st Ward renamed Toledo Ward
- Toledo 2nd Ward discontinued

Tulsa Oklahoma Stake
- Redbud Valley Branch (Spanish) upgraded to Ward

Barrie Ontario Stake
- Lake Simcoe Ward discontinued

Corvallis Oregon Stake
- Corvallis 2nd Ward renamed Avery Park Ward
- Corvallis 3rd Ward renamed Highland Ward
- Corvallis 4th Ward renamed Witham Hill Ward
- Corvallis 1st Ward discontinued

Lebanon Oregon Stake
- Brownsville Branch upgraded to Ward
- Riverview Ward discontinued

Reading Pennsylvania Stake
- Kutztown Ward discontinued

Charleston South Carolina Stake
- North Charleston Ward renamed Nexton Ward
- Summerville 4th Ward created

Chattanooga Tennessee Stake
- Harrison Bay Ward renamed Ooltewah Ward
- Collegedale Branch created
- Brainerd Ward downgraded and renamed Ringgold Branch

Franklin Tennessee Stake
- Spring Hill Ward renamed Spring Hill 1st Ward
- Thompsons Station 1st Ward renamed Spring Hill 2nd Ward
- Thompsons Station 2nd Ward renamed Spring Hill 3rd Ward
- Pulaski Branch discontinued

Kingsport Tennessee Stake
- Gray Ward created

Madison Tennessee Stake
- Station Camp Branch created

Memphis Tennessee North Stake
- Highland Heights Branch created

Texas McAllen Mission
- Roma Branch reinstated

Amarillo Texas Stake
- Estacado Branch (Spanish) created

Laredo Texas District upgraded to Stake
- Laredo 1st, Laredo 2nd (Spanish), Laredo 4th, Laredo 5th (Spanish) Branches upgraded to Wards

McAllen Texas West Stake
- Rio Grande Valley Branch (Sign Language) created

San Antonio Texas East Stake
- Las Palmas Ward (Spanish) renamed Buena Vista Ward (Spanish)
- Highland Hills Branch (Spanish) discontinued

Sherman Texas Stake
- Van Alstyne Ward created

Gnesileah said...

American Fork Utah Stake
- American Fork 42nd Ward created

Eagle Mountain Utah Cedar Pass Stake
- Spring Run Ward created

Heber City Utah East Stake
- Lake Creek 3rd Ward created

Layton Utah South Stake
- Parkway Branch (Care Center) created

Lehi Utah Central Stake
- Spring Creek 4th Ward created

Lehi Utah East Stake
- Lehi 50th Branch (Care Center) created

Lehi Utah Jordan Willows Stake
- Holbrook Farms Ward renamed Holbrook Farms 1st Ward
- Holbrook Farms 2nd Ward created

Mapleton Utah West Stake
- Maple Park Ward created

Murray Utah South Stake
- Hillside Ward discontinued

Ogden Utah Mount Lewis Stake
- Mount Lewis 7th & 8th Wards discontinued

Orem Utah Lakeview Stake
- Lakeview 10th Branch created

Orem Utah Vineyard Stake
- Vineyard 11th Ward created

Provo Utah Stake
- Slate Canyon SA 3rd Ward created

Riverton Utah YSA Stake
- Mountain View YSA Ward renamed Western Springs YSA Ward

Salina Utah Stake
- Gunnison YSA Branch transferred from the Gunnison Utah Stake and renamed Salina YSA Branch

Salt Lake Cannon Stake
- Cannon 7th Ward discontinued

Santaquin Utah East Stake created
- Santaquin 2nd, 3rd, 8th, 10th, 12th, 16th, 22nd Wards and Santaquin 17th Branch (Care Center) transferred from Santaquin Utah Stake

South Jordan Utah North Shore Stake
- North Shore 9th Ward created

St George Utah Washington Fields Stake
- Washington Fields 17th Ward created

Vernal Utah Glines Stake
- Ashley Valley Branch (Spanish) upgraded to Ward

West Jordan Utah YSA Stake
- Mountain View YSA Ward discontinued

Virginia Beach Stake
- Bayside Ward renamed Newtown Ward
- Cape Henry Ward renamed First Landing Ward
- Kempsville Ward renamed Providence Ward
- Salem Ward renamed Oceana Ward
- Sandbridge Ward renamed Princess Anne Ward
- Norfolk 2nd Ward renamed Bayview Ward
- Norfolk 1st Ward discontinued

Everett Washington Stake
- Thomas Lake Ward renamed Silver Firs Ward
- Penny Creek Ward created

Yakima Washington Stake
- Sunnyside 1st Ward renamed Sunnyside Ward
- Sunnyside 2nd Branch (Spanish) renamed Yakima Lower Valley Branch (Spanish)
- Toppenish 1st Ward discontinued
- Toppenish 2nd Branch (Spanish) discontinued

Levi said...

Are we almost to the point where there is more wards in Idaho than California with these last few creations in Idaho and discontuations in California?

Nephi said...

Currently California has 1,238 wards and branches. Idaho has 1,156

David Todd said...

Wow! Thanks for posting all of that for us!

Levi said...

What are the numbers for just the wards though?

MainTour said...

I also appreciate the updates, adding to Mormon Wikia Project:

MainTour said...

Sao Jose Dos Campos South was just one branch when I was a missionary there in 1982. Today the new South Stake boundaries exactly cover my old branch. Cool.

James said...

Gnesileah, thanks for posting those updates, and sorry to hear you are caught in the fallout of the government shutdown. While I don't want to turn this thread towards a political direction, I will just say that I wish those in the government on both sides of the aisle would cooperate towards solving the problems that reportedly have caused the shutdown to drag on as long as it has. Based on recent developments in national news, we may be closer than any of us realize to the time when the US constitution will be hanging by a thread, and it will be the elders of Israel who do the most to help preserve it. I would just add that women should be included in that process as well.

As President Nelson observed last conference, the changes he announced in April were a result of seeing how the united efforts of the Relief Society help any Church unit to grow, and its' members to increase in faithfulness. So I have no doubt the sisters of the Church will be vital in that process when it happens. We may already be nearing that point, but I am just speaking from my own observations.

I can also understand (to a certain degree) why the subject of wards in Idaho vs. wards in California is an intriguing question, but that might be hard to determine. On this blog, Matt only lists the total number of stakes and districts in the updates he does, and the Church's official Newsroom statistic pages are updated only once a year with the total number of congregations. There are other ways to determine how to compare/contrast the growth of the Church (or the opposite thereof) in terms of whether Idaho or California is experiencing significant growth. For example, I can tell you that a lot of people have relocated from California to here in Utah, which has changed the dynamics of Church growth here in certain ways, and the same may be true for Idaho as well. Just some thoughts from my own perspective, for what they may be worth to anyone here.

Gnesileah said...

@Levi -- California currently has 1,110 wards and Idaho has 1,103. Only seven wards difference!

@MainTour -- Thank you for working on the Mormon Wikia Project. If you want non-sensitive unit data, feel free to drop me a line at gnesileah at gmail dot com.

Ryan Searcy said...

Kind of sad to see the loss of the Erringer Ward in Simi Valley. When I was there, they were recently combined from the old Simi 1st and 2nd Wards, and from what I heard they didn't really interact much with each other. The old 1st Ward members stuck together and the old 2nd Ward members did the same. It was something I wanted to avoid for one of the wards I served in, the Simi 4th Ward. I'm not sure how much of an impact I actually had, but the ward seemed a bit more harmonious towards the end of my 7 months there.

Funnily enough, when I was there, I had imagined what the wards would have been named if they abandoned the number system, and I had actually imagined the Simi 5th Ward would be called Sinaloa, because that's the road the stake center was on. I am curious to see how the new boundaries are for Simi 4th and 5th Wards, because Sinaloa Road had a much larger section in the Simi 5th Ward than 4th Ward.

Ryan Searcy said...

Looking at Classic maps, the boundaries for the wards I served in haven't really changed much. Paso Robles 1st and 2nd Wards were combined, but no change to the overall boundary. Carpinteria, Meadows, and Highland Manor Ward boundaries have not changed since I was there. The only changes were in Simi Valley and Camarillo. Simi 4th Ward looks like it took a majority, if not all of the old Erringer Ward boundaries, while Simi 5th Ward remains unchanged. Camarillo 5th Ward (Los Posas Ward)'s boundaries were radically changed. I understand this change, because Camarillo 5th Ward was disproportionately larger than all the other wards in Camarillo (needing 8 people to pass Sacrament), so it makes sense that pieces were taken out to strengthen other wards.

Johnathan Whiting said...

Glad to hear of some growth in the Evansville Indiana Stake. That was one that I served in on my mission. Also nice to see growth in the Idaho Falls YSA scene and in Great Falls, Montana.

Ray said...

Gnesileah, thank you for your awesome work updating all the recent changes in church units. With the incredible growth in Africa and big consolidations in Mexico and California, as well as the accelerating growth in Utah, Idaho, other US states, plus Peru and Brazil, this is truly a Herculean task. We are all grateful for your hard work, and we wish you a quick return to your professional duties.

Ray said...
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Ray said...
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Eduardo Clinch said...

Has there been a lot of overall growth/ construction in Newburgh, Indiana.

Eduardo Clinch said...

Meant as question. Last. Does anyone think Columbus, Indiana good get a stake someday?

Eduardo Clinch said...

Whoops. "Could get". Sorry.
Jobs must be good around Yuba City in California.
Based on distances a lot of parts of Canada could still use temples.