Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Updated Country Profile - Malta

Click here to access the updated Reaching the Nations country profile for Malta. The Church operates only one branch in Malta that has approximately 30 active members. Here is the Future Prospects section of this country report:

Slow church growth and no increase in mission outreach centers on Malta will likely continue for the foreseeable future due to the small size of Latter-day Saint membership, limited missionary resources, and low receptivity of the general population. Latter-day Saints have made little, if any, progress over the past decade, as there has been no significant increase in active membership. Progress in the 1990s in developing local leadership and several full families joining the Church has dissipated in recent years to the point that only one local branch can now be sustained. Involving youth in seminary and institute may offer prospects for breaking out of stagnant church growth and leading to breakthroughs with the native Maltese population. Recent progress with member-missionary involvement is promising that greater results may be achieved in the foreseeable future as long as new converts remain active, contributing members in the Mosta Branch.

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Eduardo said...

When I was taking intensive Arabic I went to a website and listened to the Maltese programming available; I think of it like an Italianized Arabic, and I coukd recognize things. Interesting place.