Thursday, June 7, 2018

New Stakes Created in Brazil, Georgia, Guatemala, and the Philippines; New District in Armenia; Stake Discontinued in Germany; Districts Discontinued in Brazil, Germany, and Ukraine

A new stake was organized in Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil on May 20th. The Santa Cruz do Sul Brazil Stake was organized from the Rio Grande do Sul Brazil District (originally organized in 1994) and Cachoeira do Sul Brazil District, and portions of the São Leopoldo Brazil Stake. Information on which congregations are assigned to the new stake is currently unavailable although it may be as many as 10 congregations. The Cachoeira do Sul Brazil District was organized in 1986 and included four branches before it was consolidated with the newly organized Santa Cruz do Sul Brazil Stake.

There are now 25 stakes and 6 districts in Rio Grande do Sul State, and 270 stakes and 38 districts in Brazil.

A new stake was organized in the Atlanta metropolitan area. The Coal Mountain Georgia Stake was organized from the Sugar Hill Georgia Stake and the Roswell Georgia Stake. The new stake includes the following six wards and two branches: the Coal Mountain, Dahlonega, Fowler Park, Laurel Springs, Pilgrim Mill, and Sharon Springs Wards, and the Blairsville and Murphy Branches. There are now 10 stakes in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

There are now 17 stakes in Georgia.

A new stake was organized in western Guatemala. The Sololá Guatemala Stake was organized from the Sololá Guatemala District. Most of the seven branches in the former district, which was organized in 1979, appear to have become wards although information on which branches became wards remains unavailable. The new stake is located within the homelands of the Kaqchikel people. There are now four stakes located within the Kaqchikel homelands.

There are now 49 stakes and 14 districts in Guatemala.

A new stake was organized in Mindanao, Philippines. The San Francisco Philippines Stake was organized from the Trento Philippines District (organized in 1999). The new stake includes the following five wards and one branch: the Prosperidad, San Francisco, Santa Josefa, Trento, and Veruela Wards, and the Rosario Branch. The new stake marks the first time in over two decades since a district has become a stake in Mindanao. There are now 12 stakes and 17 districts in Mindanao.

There are now 102 stakes and 73 districts in the Philippines.

A new district was organized in northern Armenia on April 15th. The Vanadzor Armenia District was organized from a division of the Yerevan Armenia District. The new district includes three branches: Alaverdi (member group recently organized as a branch), Gyumri, and Vanadzor. Additionally, a member group may also continue to operate in Margahovit. The decision to divide the Yerevan Armenia District, which used to be stake from 2013-2016, suggests that the mission may be exploring opportunities for leadership development and outreach expansion in northern Armenia, and/or there are no realistic prospects for the Yerevan Armenia District to become a stake again in the foreseeable future. There are now two districts in Armenia.

One stake and two districts were discontinued in northern Germany during May 2018. The Neumünster Germany Stake (organized in 1981) was discontinued and consolidated with the Hamburg Germany Stake, marking the first time in LDS history that the Church has ever discontinued a German-speaking stake. Additionally, the only two districts in Germany, the Oldenburg Germany District and the Neubrandenburg Germany District, were discontinued. Retained branches in the former Oldenburg Germany District were reassigned to the Hamburg Germany Stake and the Hannover Germany Stake, whereas retained branches in the Neubrandenburg Germany District were reassigned to the Berlin Germany Stake. Emphasis on reducing the amount of members needed to fill leadership positions in order to free resources and reduce member burnout appeared primarily responsible for the changes. For example, most of the branches involved in the changes reported less than 20 active members for two or three decades. More information on the changes can be found here (NOTE: article is in German).

There are now 14 stakes in Germany.

The Church discontinued the Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine District (originally organized in 1999, discontinued in 2011, reinstated in 2016) and reassigned its branches to the Kharkov Ukraine District. It appears that the change may have been made in preparation to create a second stake in Ukraine.

There are now four districts and one stake in Ukraine.


Eduardo Clinch said...


Eduardo Clinch said...

Nice! I thought that Google cyber robots had taken over LDS sites.
Good to see the growth in all these places, and our comments can now publish.
In case no one else tracked this yet, the Sterling Park Ward and Algonkian Wards in Sterling, VA, just re-aligned their boundaries so that the Sterling Park Ward will receive about 50 new home/family units, and both wards should have above 200 plus attendees each sacrament. The division should also align better the 3 high schools shared by the two wards.

John said...

The Asheville North Carolina Stake also contributed to the new stake in Georgia.

Cory Ward said...

I was recently in the Provo MTC and I noticed that there was a new posting for a Farsi teacher on the bulletin board. It was separate from the other language teachers. I'm thinking it was recently added.

Eduardo Clinch said...

I wonder how many language instructors are needed for missionaries at call centers and virtual/web chat rooms? The 21st century of globalized technology has brought a lot of new needs to the forefront, and I suppose harder targeted languages, say, languagues/dialects of India, could open up through the Internet. Dari of Afghanistan is a dialect of Farsi, which could add to those who need this skill for further communication.

JSA said...
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JSA said...
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Michael Worley said...
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John Pack Lambert said...

Accroding to the Church News report on President Nelson's visit to Alberta 41% of LDS Church members in Canada live in Alberta. This is higher than the about 33% or so of LDS Church members in the US in Utah. However since the US have about 5 times the number of sub-divisions that Canada has, this is not really an easy figure to compare.

Also Alberta has 4 million people to Utah's 3 million. Utah membership is about 2 million, to Alberta's about 80,000. Lastly Alberta is more than 3 times as big by area than Utah is.

James Anderson said...

Last I heard from a general authority seventy at a stake conference, he said that there are about 1 million actives, 1 million less-actives, and about 1 million nonmembers in the State. That is just a rough approximation.

James said...

Another great update with significantly relevant information. Thank you, Matt, and thanks to you all for the ongoing illuminating discussions on these comment threads. I would also like to additionally thank Matt for his graciousness in allowing me to keep you all informed on the latest posts from my blog. Although I recently gave myself six days to deal with a few ongoing health problems, I again resumed publishing content covering a variety of topics on June 13. With all the Church news and temple developments I wound up covering, I have cranked out 9 posts between now and then covering a wide variety of topics, from a birthday tribute to Elder Bednar (who turned 66 yesterday, June 15) to several temple and Church news updates. I also provided further analysis on the question of which Brazilian city might be the next most likely one to have a temple announced. I continue to welcome feedback on these or any previous posts at any time. You can find my blog at the address below:

With that said, I also wanted to add that I am surprised that we are in June already and that there have only been 15 new stakes created this year. By this time last year (depending on which date you go by), the Church had created somewhere between 23-27 stakes. It is interesting to me that we particularly did not see more new stakes created last month. If I am recalling correctly, in years past, the largest number of new stakes were created in the months of May and August.

By extension, I am also more than a little surprised that we have reached mid-June and that there have been no temple groundbreakings held. By this time last year, 2 temples had had a groundbreaking. I am hopeful that we might hear news soon that at least the Bangkok Thailand Temple groundbreaking will occur later this year. It has been very interesting to see how the number of temple developments ebb and flow from one year to the next. If all else fails, I have heard that 2019 should be a very busy year for temple groundbreakings and dedications. It will be interesting to see what happens in that regard. Thanks again, everyone.

Luciano Moraes said...
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Luciano Moraes said...

The Fortaleza Dunas Brasil created.

DJarvis87 said...

Does this website no longer give updates on ward and stake changes. As a lot of that information seems to be removed. Especially with LDS Church temples website data.

Gnesileah said...

Some additional changes of which I am aware:

Contonou Benin Stake
- Calavi Branch upgraded to ward

Katoka Democratic Republic of the Congo Stake
- Malandji Ward renamed Malandji 1st Ward
- Malandji 2nd Ward created

Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Kimbanseke Stake
- Makanza Branch upgraded to ward

Likasi Democratic Republic of the Congo Stake
- Kakontwe Ward renamed Kakontwe 1st Ward
- Kakontwe 2nd Ward created
- Kambove Branch created

Bibiani Ghana District created
- Bibiani Estates, Gyedi, and Sefwi Bekwai Branches transferred from Ghana Kumasi Mission

Kakata Liberia District created
- Kakata 1st and Kakata 2nd Branches transferred from Liberia Monrovia Mission
- Kakata 3rd Branch created

Abak Nigeria Stake
- Atai Otoro 1st Ward created
- Atai Otoro Ward renamed Atai Otoro 2nd Ward

Asaba Nigeria Stake created from Asaba Nigeria District
- information on which of the seven branches became wards is currently unknown

Gnesileah said...

Cebu City Philippines Stake
- Oprra Ward created

Brisbane Australia Beenleigh Stake
- Waterford West Branch (Samoan) upgraded to ward and renamed Beenleigh 2nd Ward (Samoan)
- Beenleigh Ward renamed Beenleigh 1st Ward

Rennes France Stake
- Brest Branch discontinued

Gnesileah said...

Campinas Brazil Flamboyant Stake
- Ponte Ward renamed Amazonas Ward

Fortaleza Brazil Stake
- Expedicionários Ward transferred from Fortaleza Brazil Benfica Stake

Fortaleza Brazil Dunas Stake created
- Guararapes, Jardim das Oliveiras, Mucuripe, Nova Aldeota, and Tancredo Neves Wards transferred from Fortaleza Brazil Stake

Recife Brazil Stake
- Campo Grande Ward discontinued

Salvador Brazil Stake
- Jaguaripe Ward created

São Paulo Brazil Guarulhos Stake
- Jardim Adriana Branch upgraded to ward and renamed Vila Rio de Janeiro Ward

Teresina Brazil Planalto Stake
- Cidade Nova Ward created

Lima Perú Tahuantinsuyo Stake
- Quiñones Branch upgraded to ward

San Cristóbal Venezuela Stake
- Stake discontinued
- Nueva Guayana Ward and Torbes Wards discontinued
- Nueva Concordia, Rubio, and San Josecito Wards transferred to San Cristóbal Venezuela Pirineos Stake
- El Piñal Branch transferred to the Venezuela Maracaibo Mission

San Cristóbal Venezuela Pirineos Stake
- Colón Branch transferred to the La Fría Venezuela District
- San Antonio del Tachira and Ureña Wards downgraded to branches and transferred to the Venezuela Maracaibo Mission

Gnesileah said...

Queen Creek Arizona West Stake
- Queen Creek SA Ward created

Redding California Stake
- Redding 2nd Ward discontinued
- Redding 1st Ward renamed Sundial Ward
- Redding 3rd Ward renamed Shasta View Ward
- Redding 4th Ward renamed Bonnyview Ward
- Redding 5th Ward renamed Mary Lake Ward

Olathe Kansas Stake
- Red Bridge Ward discontinued

Blackstone Valley Massachusetts Stake
- Marlborough 2nd Branch (Portuguese) created
- Marlborough Ward renamed Marlborough 1st Ward

Las Vegas Nevada Blue Diamond Stake
- Huntington Cove Ward created
- Sunset Ridge Ward created

Mapleton Utah Stake
- Mapleton 25th Ward created

Midvale Utah Union Fort Stake
- Union Fort SA Ward renamed Union Fort SA 11th Ward
- Union Fort SA 12th Ward created

Salt Lake Bonneville Stake
- Bonneville 2nd Ward discontinued
- Bonneville 1st War renamed Bonneville Ward

Salt Lake Granger East Stake
- Granger 5th Ward (Spanish) renamed Lehi Ward (Spanish)

Salt Lake Hunter Stake
- Hunter Hills Ward (Spanish) renamed Rancho Vista Ward (Spanish)

Salt Lake Hunter South Stake
- Royal Ann Ward (Spanish) discontinued