Saturday, August 29, 2015

New Stakes in Colorado and Utah

A new stake was created in Colorado last Sunday. The Windsor Colorado Stake was organized from a division of the Greeley Colorado and Loveland Colorado Stakes. The new stake includes the following seven wards: the Bison Ridge, Carlson Farm, Johnstown, Milliken, Peak View, Severance, and Windsor Wards. There are now 34 stakes in Colorado

A new stake was created in Tooele, Utah two Sundays ago. The Tooele Utah West Stake was organized from a division of the Tooele Utah North Stake. The new stake includes the following six wards: the Overlake 1st, Overlake 4th, Overlake 5th, Tooele 7th, Tooele 18th, and Tooele 26th Wards. There are now 11 stakes and 1 district in Tooele County. There are now 577 stakes and 1 district in Utah.


Eduardo Clinch said...

I counted 5 CO stakes that fall under non-Denver temples. How many of the remaining 29 stakes will attend there when Ft. Collins is completed? It seems to me that maybe the secular population growth of Colorado has outpaced the LDS growth in the last two decades or so. Both have been positive but it is great to see new stakes forming.

Ryan Searcy said...

There are actually 6 CO Stakes that don't go to Denver:
Albuquerque: Alamosa and Manassa
Monticello: 2 Grand Junction and Durango
Vernal: Meeker

With the new stake in Windsor, I predict there will now be 5 CO stakes assigned to the Fort Collins Temple:
Fort Collins

It would seem very possible for the Fort Collins and Loveland stakes to split into a 2nd Fort Collins Stake.

Unknown said...

For whatever reason, the Montrose stake is listed incorrectly on most internet sites. We are assigned to the Monticello temple as well.

Eduardo Clinch said...

Thanks.It would be interesting to see which states and countries have improved their LDS percentages the last 30 years. And those who fallen behind.

Ryan Searcy said...

I always thought it was odd for Montrose to be assigned to Denver considering location and roads. On LDS Maps the Tirana Albania Stake is listed as assigned to Frankfurt, despite other sites saying it is assigned to Bern.

Pascal Friedmann said...

As someone who, until the end of last year, had some very strong involvement with the Frankfurt Temple schedule, I can say that Albania and all of former Yugoslavia travels to Frankfurt (and actually staffs the roster of ordinance worker roster for a few weeks each year). Since the ferry routes in the Adriatic Sea are very suffisticated, at least Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia will probably go to Rome once that Temple is completed.

Tirana might be a Temple announcement candidate within about 5 to 10 years. '

Also, Fort Collins will probably serve parts of southeastern Wyoming and the Nebraska Panhandle (which largely belongs to the Cheyenne East Stake). Casper and Laramie may go both Fort Collins' or Star Valley's way since travel from Laramie and locations west (Rawlins) to Ft. Collins can be difficuly year-round and potentially life-threatening from October through May.

Ryan Searcy said...

My prediction for the Rome Italy Temple (which is old, and I will update a few weeks prior to dedication):

Calabria Italy District [Bern]
Florence Italy Stake [Bern]
Palermo Italy Stake [Bern]
Puglia Italy Stake [Bern]
Rome Italy East Stake [Bern]
Rome Italy West stake [Bern]
Venice Italy Stake [Bern]
Verona Italy Stake [Bern]

Tirana Albania Stake [Bern]

Manama Bahrain Stake [Frankfurt]

Abu Dhabi Stake [Frankfurt]

Zagreb Croatia District [Frankfurt]

Nicosia Cyprus District [Frankfurt]

Israel District [Bern]

Amman Jordan District [London]

Beograd Serbia District [Frankfurt]

Ljubljana Slovenia District [Frankfurt]

Athens 1st Branch [Frankfurt]
Athens 2nd Branch (English) [Frankfurt]
Halandri Branch [Frankfurt]
Thessaloniki Branch [Frankfurt]

Banja Luka Branch [Bern]
Sarajevo Branch [Bern]

Gjakova Branch [Frankfurt]
Pristina Branch [Frankfurt]

Cairo Branch (English) [Frankfurt]

Beirut Branch [Frankfurt]

Skopje Branch [Frankfurt]

Mosta Branch [Bern]

Rabat Branch [Frankfurt]

Now, I don't know much about the Middle East, and why most of it seems to go to Frankfurt, but Rome would be closer for the Middle East than Frankfurt. The Kabul Military Branch would probably stick with Frankfurt because of the Military Stake in Germany.

Like I said, this prediction is old, and will be updated closer to dedication.

miro said...


They all go to Frankfurt because it has a big international airport, what makes it easyer and often also cheaper to get to.