Monday, August 31, 2015

August 2015 Newsletter

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Ryan Searcy said...

It is sad to hear the new stakes in Cambodia are struggling. Do you suppose they will discontinue the East District to compensate?

bwebster said...

I don't know if you track student wards or stakes at all, but the Provo Utah Married Students 38th Ward (of the PUMS 3rd Stake) was just dissolved. This was done as part of a readjustment of all ward boundaries within the PUMS 3rd Stake to better equalize student populations in each ward, and to reduce the total number of wards from 11 to 10 so that all wards could meet in the same building.

Mac Jison said...

The Angeles Philippines Stake was divided to create the Mabalacat Philippines Stake. I have a friend of mine who told me that the Tarlac Stake in north is working out as well to be divided. When that happens, the Angeles mission might divide as well.

L. Chris Jones said...

With the new stake organized in Tooele last month I would like to mention that the majority or new stakes organized within the current Salt Lake Temple district have been in the Tooele area in addition to one in Elko Nevada and the Wendover Utah district. only two other stakes were organized during this time, both in Salt Lake Valley. Do you feel this could increase the likelihood of a Tooele area temple?
Elko Nevada West Stake March 19, 1995
Salt Lake Little Cottonwood Stake: January 5, 1997
Wendover Utah District: January 4, 1998
Salt Lake Bonneville YSA Stake May 17, 1998
Stansbury Park Utah Stake: February 21, 1999
Tooele Utah East Stake: August 15, 1999
Tooele Utah Valley View Stake: September 12, 2004
Stansbury Park Utah South Stake:February 18, 2007
Erda Utah Stake: February 22, 2015
Tooele Utah West Stake: August 16, 2015

L. Chris Jones said...

I meant just over the last 20 years since 1995.

L. Chris Jones said...

A Tooele area temple could probably service 13 stakes and 1 district.

Ryan Searcy said...

A temple in Toole could also service Ely, Nevada.

Also, a temple in Heber City could serve between 6 and 12 stakes.

MainTour said... (Cambodia) reports a record large turnout of 2000+ Cambodia saints to greet Elder Holland on his visit there last week. Prior to that was a record turnout in Vietnam. Look for both articles on the Cambodia News Portal - great set of pictures at the bottom of each article.

Ryan Searcy said...

I feel pretty certain there is soon going to be a district in Divo, Cote d'Ivoire. There are 3 branches in Divo, with a brand new branch in nearby Lakota. On LDS Maps, the Lakota Branch shows it goes along the road between Lakota and Divo.

Mike Johnson said...

It is slightly closer for Ely to Cedar City than to Tooele. My guess is that Ely would be in the Cedar City Temple District.

John Pack Lambert said...

Very exciting developments. I am wondering if the Sogere Papua New Guinea District has 10 branches if that means it is close to being a stake.

Very exciting about the Groups in Syria and Iraq.

Tafo is the 30th largest place in Ghana at 60,000 people in 2012. An important Cocoa Research Institute was formed there back in 1938. Back in Ghana's 1983 census Tafo had 25,000 residents. I looked it up in my Columbia-Lippincott Gazeteer that has 1948 populations for Ghana, but they do not list a population for Tafo.