Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April Newsletter

We have posted our April edition of our newsletter for providing updates on church growth and missionary work. The newsletter also includes a synopsis of new or updated resources on our website. Click here to view the newsletter.


Joseph said...

Unit Update
April 26
Playa del Carmen México Stake (1 Branch, 6 Wards)
Puerto Morelos Branch
Cozumel 1st Ward
Cozumel 2nd Ward
Petén Ward
Playa del Carmen Ward
Tulum Ward
Zacil Ha Ward

Taichung Taiwan South Stake (1 Branch, 5 Wards)
Taichung Branch (English)
Chungming Ward
Nantun Ward
Peitun Ward
Wuchuan 1st Ward
Wuchuan 3rd Ward

Flat Creek Ward, Fayetteville Georgia Stake(1 Branch, 10 Wards)
Huayacan Ward, Cancún México Kabáh Stake (5 Wards)
Kagiso 2nd Ward, Soweto South Africa Stake (7 Wards)
Milliken Ward, Greeley Colorado Stake (3 Branches, 12 Wards)
Palm Hills Ward, Henderson Nevada Black Mountain Stake (13 Wards)
Serrano Branch, Caxias do Sul Brazil Stake (2 Branches, 7 Wards)
Sunterra Ward, Idaho Falls Taylor Mountain Stake (10 Wards)

15 Mar
Catalão Branch, Brazil Goiânia Mission (6 Branches, 1 District, 5 Stakes)

22 Mar
Camalaniugan 2nd Branch, Aparri Philippines District (7 Branch)

19 Apr
Salinópolis Branch, Castanhal Brazil Stake (1 Branch, 5 Wards)

YTD 201 (11.824/week)
Africa 59
Asia 6
Europe 6
North America 73
Pacific 10
South and Central America 12
Utah & Idaho 36

Pascal Friedmann said...

The Erfurt Germany District was discontinued on April 6, along with several braches in the district. All units that still exist have been integrated into the Leipzig Germany Stake. The Meerane Branch in that stake was also discontinued at the same time.

The area has struggled for a significant time with some of the most severe domestic emigration and demographic decline in Europe. Most of these developments seem to stem from lack of employment. It appears as though none of the branches that were discontinued had more than 10 active members at the time.

The Nordhausen Branch only had one active member as of late, with full-time Missionaries serving as branch president and first counselor.
The Gera and Werdau Branches were said to have a total sacrament attendance of five to 10 on any given Sunday.
With decay continuing in surrounding areas, it is likely that only Erfurt and Jena will be able to sustain congregations within the medium-term future.

The former Erfurt Zone of the Germany Frankfurt Mission integrated into the Germany Berlin Mission. With most of the remaining branches now having enormous areas, it is possible that some areas will remain open to Missionaries and have groups that continue to meet in these locations under stake supervision.

Ryan Searcy said...

With 2 weeks to the Cordoba Argentina Temple dedication, I figure I would post my prediction of its temple district: 17 stakes, 7 districts, all from the Buenos Aires Argentina Temple, which will be left with 46 stakes, 16 districts. Stakes and districts within 200 miles of the Cordoba Temple in CAPS.

Concepción Argentina District (0,6) [Buenos Aires]
Jujuy Argentina Stake (9,3) [Buenos Aires]
La Rioja Argentina Stake (5,4) [Buenos Aires]
Metán Argentina District (0,4) [Buenos Aires]
Oran Argentina District (0,5) [Buenos Aires]
Salta Argentina Stake (7,0) [Buenos Aires]
Salta Argentina West Stake (9,1) [Buenos Aires]
San Pedro Argentina Jujuy District (0,5) [Buenos Aires]
San Rafael Argentina Stake (7,4) [Buenos Aires]
Santa Fe Argentina North Stake (8,2) [Buenos Aires]
Santa Fe Argentina Stake (6,1) [Buenos Aires]
Santiago del Estero Argentina Stake (6,3) [Buenos Aires]
Tartagal Argentina District (0,5) [Buenos Aires]
Tucumán Argentina Stake (9,1) [Buenos Aires]
Tucumán Argentina West Stake (7,2) [Buenos Aires]

Eduardo Clinch said...

Does anyone know what Ward and stake the members of Lucas, Texas, would be part of?

TempleRick said...

The bulk of Lucas is in the Allen 2nd Ward of the Allen Texas Stake.

Mendocino Scott said...

Let's not forget the stakes and districts of Mendoza and San Juan provinces for the predicted Cordoba temple district. They are assigned to Santiago, Chile. And though the distance is similar, I am sure they would enjoy not crossing an international border, and also not having to traverse the Andes mountains.

In Mendoza:
Godoy Cruz Argentina Stake
Guaymallén Argentina Stake
Maipú de Cuyo Argentina Stake
Mendoza Argentina Stake
San Martin Argentina District
Valle de Uco Argentina District

In San Juan:
San Juan Argentina Chimbas Stake
San Juan Argentina Nuevo Cuyo Stake

They are a faithful people. When I served there, a number of the long-term members told stories about having gone all the way to Sao Paulo for their own ordinances when it was the closest option.

Ryan Searcy said...

My prediction for Cordoba is based on my map for the Buenos Aires Argentina Temple distance and travel time to either temple. I have not yet completed the Santiago Chile Temple district, so San Juan may be included in the Cordoba district, but considering that San Juan, Mendoza areas are within 200 miles of Santiago, but not Cordoba, I figure it slightly unlikely. San Juan does appear to have a straight shot to Cordoba.

Based on Google Maps:

to Santiago
San Juan (179.03 miles)
7h, 19m (531k) drive
Mendoza (108.69 miles)
5h, 18m (364k) drive

to Cordoba
San Juan (253.05 miles)
7h, 28m (603k) drive
Mendoza (289.48 miles)
7h, 47m (611k) drive

Eduardo Clinch said...

I tried driving from Santiago to Mendoza in late April '94: Chilean carabineros were waving us back, we slept on the border and could not pass for the snow. Figure 6 months of mountain impasse for SJ and 'doza. Flights are not cheap, and even car rental is beyond the means for most. Cordoba is huge.

TempleRick said...

Mendoza and San Juan are included in the new temple district.

John Pack Lambert said...

I am not surprised Mendoza and San Juan were reassigned. Crossing international boundaries to go to temples is difficult at best, when it is over very high mountains it is impossible large chunks of the year.

I hope Mendoza can get its own temple in the not too distant future.