Friday, June 13, 2014

Ukraine Donetsk Mission Closes

It appears that the Church has officially closed the Ukraine Donetsk Mission by consolidating it primarily with the Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk Mission. Recent political instability appears largely to blame for the closure of the mission, although few convert baptisms and low receptivity also appear as added reasons for the mission closure. There are now three missions in Ukraine and 404 missions worldwide.


Mike Johnson said...

Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk Mission now contains the following units:

Donetsk Ukraine District
Bahate Branch
Dnepropetrovsk Livoberezhna Branch
Dnepropetrovsk Pobedy Branch
Dnepropetrovsk Tsentralny Branch
Kherson'ka Branch
Kremenchuk Branch
Mikolaiv Tsentralny Branch
Poltava Branch
Sevastopol Branch
Simferopol's'ka Branch
Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk Mission Branch
Yevpatoriis'ka Branch
Zaporizhzhia Branch

The Donetsk Ukraine District has the following branches:

Donetsk Branch
Donetsk Ukraine District Branch
Gorlovka Branch
Lugansk Branch
Makeyevka Branch
Mariupol Branch
Obyedinyoni Branch
Petrovsky Branch

James Miller said...

The mission has existed in name only for about a month. All proselytizing missionaries were evacuated in April, and in May the mission president and remaining senior couples left as well. It's hard to justify the existence of a mission without any missionaries, and the local membership still needed mission priesthood leadership, something which the neighboring missions could at least provide. If it were not for the violence that continues to rage in eastern Ukraine, the mission would still be operating.

The Kharkiv Ukraine District and Sumy Branch were transferred to the Ukraine Kyiv Mission.