Saturday, June 14, 2014

New Stake in Thailand

Members and missionaries report that the Church will organize its second stake in Thailand on June 15th from the Bangkok Thailand North District. Thailand previously was the country that had the most members with only one stake. I will provide details on which branches will become wards once this information is available.


Adam said...

Yeah, I have a friend serving there right now and it seems that the coup at this point doesn't seem to be too much of a safety hazard. So far it seems the only difference in missionary life is that they have to be home a little sooner due to the curfew in the city, but it rural areas it hasn't affected the work at all.

Mike Johnson said...

The Bangkok Thailand North District has the following 8 branches:

Ayutthaya Branch
Bangbuathong Branch
Bangkhen Branch
Chaengwattana Branch (English)
Donmuang Branch
Lopburi Branch
Pakkret Branch
Rangsit Branch