Saturday, October 26, 2013

Survey Request

As part of developing the best resources and references on LDS Church growth and missionary work available online, I periodically request returned missionaries and members to fill out surveys I created for returned missionaries and members.  Since August 2012, I have collected nearly 500 returned missionary surveys and almost 300 member surveys which have provided valuable data utilized for writing case studies and reporting on church growth developments.  These may be filled out anonymously if desired.  Responses are kept confidential and used for research purposes.  I am particularly interested in obtaining more member surveys and returned missionary surveys from members who have recently completed their missions.

The returned missionary survey can be found here and the member survey can be found here.


Pascal said...

I vaguely remember that there also used to be a survey for recently called Missionaries. If that's the case, would you mind sharing the link? I can't find it. Thanks! :)

Matt said...

Here's the link:

Derrill Watson said...

How recently returned? Recent or ever?

Tom said...

A new ward was created today in Brisbane. Just an update.

Church growth in Queensland has became unstoppable. A missionary reported the mission gained 500+ baptisms in 2012.

Mike Johnson said...

Tom, thanks for the update on a new ward in Queensland.

I note you are at Durham University. When I was at Cambridge University in the 1980s, I remember a lecturer describing the UK university system starting with OxBridge, which he defined as "Cambridge, the Other Place, and maybe Durham." That is probably the highest praise a university can get from a Cambridge faculty member.

Aaron and Kamyra said...

Re the ward in Brisbane south east queensland area, the 3 wards in the ipswich australia stake that are in the city area of ipswich were used to create a forth ward. Brassall and Raceview wards remain and Bundamba ward was desolved and two new wards yamanto and karana downs were created for a net gain of 1 new ward (there are now 7 ward and 3 branches in the ipswich stake). the growth in one of the wards was really something, raceview ward went from 140-150 active members about two years ago to 408 in sacrament meeting last week. This is move ins and a lot of reactivations.

But this is not all, brisbane north, Brisbane Cleveland, Gold coast, centenary and logan stakes in south east queensland area all have wards ready or almost ready to split and most of those will be before mid 2014.

Mike Johnson said...

The Karana Downs Ward and Yamanto Ward, Ipswich Australia Stake, were created on 27 October. There are now 8 wards and 1 branch in the stake:

Brassall Ward
Darling Heights Ward
Karana Downs Ward
Raceview Ward
Somerset Ward
Toowoomba Ward
Warwick Ward
Yamanto Ward
Dalby Branch

The Foxboro 8th Ward, North Salt Lake Utah Legacy Stake, was created on 27 October. There are now 10 wards in the stake:

Foxboro 1st Ward
Foxboro 2nd Ward
Foxboro 3rd Ward
Foxboro 4th Ward
Foxboro 5th Ward
Foxboro 6th Ward
Foxboro 7th Ward
Foxboro 8th Ward
Woods Cross 14th Ward
Woods Cross 17th Ward

The Aviary Park Ward, Las Vegas Nevada Highland Hills Stake, was created on 27 October. There are now 10 wards in the stake:

Aliante Ward
Aviary Park Ward
Dove Canyon Ward
Eldorado Estates Ward
Eldorado Highlands Ward
Goldcrest Ward
Los Prados Ward
San Destin Ward
San Miguel Ward
Waterfall Ward

The Atafoa Branch, Kumasi Ghana Stake, was created on 27 October. There are now 11 wards and 4 branches in the stake:

Abuakwa Ward
Asokwa Ward
Asouyeboa Ward
Bantama 1st Ward
Bantama 2nd Ward
Dichemso Ward
Kronum Ward
Kwamo Ward
Nwamase Ward
Suame Ward
University Ward
Atafoa Branch
Buokrom Branch
Meduma Branch
Nkoransa Branch

The Trinity River Branch (Spanish), Houston Texas Summerwood Stake, was created on 27 October. There are now 8 wards and 2 branches in the stake:

Eagle Springs Ward
Fall Creek Ward
Galena Park Ward (Spanish)
Houston 7th Ward (Spanish)
Liberty Ward
Pine Trails Ward
Summerwood Ward
West Lake Houston Ward (Spanish)
Lake Houston YSA Branch
Trinity River Branch (Spanish)

Mike Johnson said...

It appears that the Stanthorpe and Warwick branches have been merged in the Warwick Ward, in the Ipswich Australia Stake.

MLewis82 said...

I'm pretty sure I filled out the member survey about a year ago. (I've been back from my mission for long enough that I don't think it matters anymore.) How often would you want a new survey? I've also moved twice since then. Would you be interested in a survey from each ward I was in?

Matt said...

The Huntington Beach Single Adult Ward (ages 31-45), Huntington Beach California Stake, was created on 27 October.
(all the family wards also were renamed and received neighborhood names)

There are now 9 wards in the stake:

Beachside Ward
Cordata Park Ward
Harper Park Ward
Huntington Beach YSA Ward
Huntington Beach SA Ward
Mile Square Park Ward
Pacific Shores Ward
Pleasant View Ward
Seapoint Ward

Matt said...


That would be great if you could fill out the member survey for the two wards you have been in for the past year.

Great news on the ongoing growth in Brisbane. I find it very interesting how much the Church has grown there within the past decade whereas other areas of Australia have seen very little growth.

The Opinion said...

That single adult ward in CA. Is this something new for the church. I never heard of this? I know in our stake we have about 300 SA. Are there any others in CA?

Mike Johnson said...

In Virginia, in Chrystal City in Arlington County opposite DC, the Potomac Ward is for singles 31-45. It meets in the same building with the Colonial 1st and 2nd Wards, both YSA 18-30. I also understand that two family wards in the area--the Chrystal City and Shirlington wards have large numbers of singles participating.

I am not sure if the rules for singles (31-45) wards are the same as for YSA wards, but the requirement is 125 active members for a YSA ward (and 50 active members for a YSA branch in a stake).

Mike Johnson said...

The Hidden Hills Ward, Morgan Utah North Stake, was created on 27 October. There are now 11 wards in the stake:

Cottonwood Creek Ward
Enterprise Ward
Fox Hollow Ward
Hidden Hills Ward
Highlands Ward
Milton Ward
Mountain Green Ward
Peterson Ward
Rosehill Ward
Silver Lake Ward
Stoddard Ward

Matt, when will the Ecuador stake be put on the list of new stakes in 2013?

Will said...

I know that there's been Mid-Singles ward in the Gilbert, AZ area for several years at least. And one of the Stanford wards is also for that same age range. It really just depends on the population demographics and the local need.

Mike Johnson said...

The Huntington Beach (Single Adult) Ward isn't showing up in CDOL yet. 14 Single Adult units (12 wards, 2 branches) do show up:

Bloomington Hills 7th Ward (Single Adult), St George Utah Bloomington Hills Stake
Charles River Ward (Single Adult), Cambridge Massachusetts Stake
East Bay Ward (Single Adult), Oakland California Stake
Glendale 9th Branch (Single Adult), La Crescenta California Stake
Heritage Park Ward (Single Adult), Irvine California Stake
Logan 18th Ward (Single Adult), Logan Utah South Stake
Monument Park 19th Ward (Single Adult), Salt Lake Monument Park Stake
Oak Hills 8th Ward (Single Adult), Provo Utah Oak Hills Stake
Pacific Beach Ward (Single Adult), San Diego California North Stake
Parleys 7th Ward (Single Adult), Salt Lake Parleys Stake
Potomac Ward (Single Adult), Mount Vernon Virginia Stake
Sunset 12th Ward (Single Adult), St George Utah Sunset Stake
Union Fort 9th Branch (Single Adult), Midvale Utah Union Fort Stake
Washington Parkway Ward (Single Adult), Washington Utah East Stake

Will said...

Both of the Stanford wards are listed as Student Single. Not sure how that's defined and they don't overlap geographically. When I lived in the area they tried to have some separation by age I think. It looks like the Phoenix area no longer has one. It must have been dissolved when they realigned all the YSA wards a couple years ago, but it used to be there as I knew people that attended.

MLewis82 said...

There are also mid-singles groups that may not show up in the directory. For example, in the Santa Monica, CA Stake, the Westdale 2nd Ward is officially a family ward, but it has also been designated as a magnet ward for all mid-singles (31-45) in the stake who wish to attend.

In the Los Angeles, CA stake, the Westwood 1st and 2nd wards have a combined mid-singles Sunday School class, but unlike the Westdale 2nd Ward in Santa Monica, these are not magnet wards, so mid-singles in other wards in the stake are still expected to attend their geographically designated family wards. There is however, a 5th Sunday mid-singles sacrament program hosted by the stake that all mid-singles are invited to attend.

The Opinion said...
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The Opinion said...

I am surprised that there are not many stakes with Single Adult branches. I would think this would be used as a stop gap for many of the singles that go less active after turning 30. It would also prove an easy way to look over the singles as a stake leader/bishop.

Matt said...

Actually I have all the Midsingles Wards or Midsingles Magnet Wards or 45+ Magnet Wards listed on the Midsingles Blog

Mike Johnson said...
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Mike Johnson said...

Boulder Creek Ward Midsingles, Mesa Arizona Boulder Creek Stake

shows up on LDS Maps with its own territory shared only with a YSA ward and an American Sign Language branch. So, married couples and families living inside the boundaries would attend there.

There is nothing in CDOL to indicate it is a singles ward.

It is probably like the Crystal City or Shirlington wards, which are family wards, but half or more singles.

Matt said...

Mike, Midsingles Magnet Wards, where all the Midsingles (and their kids if they are single parents) in the same stake can attend the same existing family ward together (along with the rest of the families that live in the actual ward boundaries), are classified as regular family wards on the CDOL.

There are around 30 such wards across the U.S.

Matt said...

If interested, see the Midsingles Magnet Ward Outline for more details

Mike Johnson said...

Thank you, Matt. Very interesting.

I have a friend of mine getting divorced, who is moving up to Crystal City so he can participate in a mid-singles ward. That said, he can't attend until the divorce is final.

He will also be closer to work, but it will be harder to coordinate time with his kids.

Mike Johnson said...

When I moved to northern Virginia in 1989, I was 27. The singles ward at the time had about 1/3 in their 30s and 40s and about 2/3 5 or more years younger than me. I felt like I was in a chasm between two age groups and not really fitting in either. That singles ward is now 2 YSA wards and 1 30-45 ward. Well, 3 YSA wards counting one in the Annandale stake. And there are family wards that have a lot of singles in them.

John Pack Lambert said...

I know here in metro Detroit they totally just mix the mid-singles with the 45+ people. It is very trying to me to show up to a singles activity, and find someone there who has grandchildren older then me.

I am really depressed by the current situation. I feel like the singles activities are dominated by and tailored to people over 50, and someone like me who just turned 33 just does not seem to fit in.

I got divorced over 8 years ago, and had fit in fairly well in the YSA program, but never found another wife. No that I have been shunted into the older singles program I really feel down about things. I am trying to not feel so, but it is tough.

For example the last singles conference I went to they had part of it on preparing your will. I did not feel it was aimed at all at those under 50.

Mike Johnson said...

John, I hear you.

Perhaps you can try to set up a 30-40 group by trying to set up activities geared for that age group. It sounds to me like people 50+ are doing it. Ask if you can volunteer to set up an activity for 30-somethings.

I was married shortly before my 32nd birthday--just had our 20th anniversary. I felt outside looking in in many ways. I didn't fit in with those quite a bit younger and those quite a bit older. And being single, I didn't fit in among the married wards. I think single people today have it better than I did, but I also had it better than those before me.

It looks like you left the YSA about 3 years ago. I hope you kept in touch with them, even if you didn't go to YSA activities or church services anymore.

Matt said...

Another new Midsingles Ward (ages 31-45) will be created, the first in Canada.

The Lake Ontario Single Adult Ward (ages 31-45), Brampton Ontario Stake, will be created on 24 November.

Mike Johnson said...

The La Pradera Branch, Chiclayo Perú Central Stake, was created on 3 November. There are now 7 wards and 1 branch in the stake:

Chiclayo Central 1st Ward
José Olaya Ward
José Quiñones Ward
Las Brisas Ward
Nueve de Octubre Ward
Remigio Silva Ward
San Jose Obrero Ward
La Pradera Branch