Thursday, October 3, 2013

Most Populous Metropolitan Areas in the Middle East and North Africa and Status of LDS Outreach Map

We have completed our map displaying all metropolitan areas in the Middle East and North Africa with one million or more inhabitants and the status of LDS outreach in each location. Each metropolitan area contains extensive LDS statistics regarding the growth and size of the Church. Past successes and opportunities and challenges for future growth are examined for each location. See below to view the map.

View Major Metropolitan Areas in the Middle East and North Africa in a larger map


Christopher Nicholson said...

I read, via a comment on's Facebook page a while back, that the Izmir branch has already been closed due to no active members.

Mike Johnson said...
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MainTour said...

I recall that a Stake had been organized in Abu-Dhubai. But this map only shows two wards there.

Mike Johnson said...

The Abu Dhabi Stake is spread over several countries and includes 8 wards and 3 branches:

Abu Dhabi 1st Ward
Abu Dhabi 2nd Ward
Doha 1st Ward
Doha 2nd Ward
Dubai 1st Ward
Dubai 2nd Ward
Kuwait Ward
Sharjah Ward
Al Ain Branch
Doha 3rd Branch
Oman Branch

Ray said...

September 2013 growth in Church units:

(As reported on the Church Directory or Organizations and Leaders) Total increase + 17 W&Br; + 29 W, -12 br, + 5 stakes, - 2 districts
US: + 13 W&B; + 14 W - 1 br + 2 stakes
Outside US: + 4 W&B (+ 15 W - 11 br), + 3 st. - 2 d)

YearToDate: + 196 W&B; + 199 W - 3 br, + 31 st - 16 districts
YTD US: + 89 W&B; + 96 W - 7 br + 8 st + 0 dist.
YTD Outside US: + 107 W&B; + 103 W + 4 br + 23 stakes - 16 districts