Monday, December 10, 2012

Two New Stakes in Spain

Two Sundays ago, the Church created two new stakes in Spain.  Like other stakes organized in Europe in 2012, the creation of these two new stakes resulted from years and decades of slow, steady growth.  No additional stakes appear likely to divide within the foreseeable future.

The Madrid Spain Center Stake was organized from the Madrid Spain East and Madrid Spain West Stakes.  The new stake consists of six wards (Madrid 1st, Madrid 2nd, Madrid 5th, Madrid 6th, Madrid 8th, and Toledo) and one branch (Aranjuez).  The Church created its first stake in Madrid in 1982 and its second second stake in Madrid in 1999.  The Madrid Spain East Stake now includes five wards and two  branches whereas the Madrid Spain West Stake now includes five wards and four branches.

The Cartagena Spain Stake was organized from the Elche Spain and Granada Spain Stakes and includes six wards (Cartagena 1st, Cartagena 2nd, Cartagena 3rd, Molina de Segura, Murcia 1st, and Murcia 2nd) and three branches (Huercal-Overa, Lorca, and Torrevieja).  The creation of the new stake in Cartagena coincided with changes in the stake boundaries of the Valencia Spain Stake.  The Elche Spain Stake now consists of five wards and three branches whereas the Granada Spain Stake consists of six wards and four branches and the Valencia Spain Stake consists of five wards.

There are now 13 stakes and five districts in Spain. 


Mike Johnson said...

Thanks for what you do with this site.

63 new stakes this year. Incredible.

Nellie said...

I heard rumors that convert baptisms in Western Europe are up. Can someone please confirm?

Mike Johnson said...

According to the Church News:

"A new stake has been created from the Madrid Spain East and Madrid Spain West stakes. The Madrid Spain Central Stake, which includes the Aranjuez and Cuenca branches and the Madrid 2nd, Madrid 5th, Madrid 6th, Madrid 8th, Madrid 1st and Toledo wards, was created by Elder Kent F. Richards of the Seventy and Elder Jose Reina, an Area Seventy."

Note, the Cuenca Branch is also included.

El. Álvarez said...

Yes! Western Europe is having a surge in growth. Remarkable are the cases of Britain, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France... In fact, for example, in Spain were created 3 stakes between November & December. 3 new temples are gonna be built in Western Europe because of the growth in late years: Paris, France, Rome, Italy, Lisbon, Portugal.

El. Álvarez said...
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