Monday, December 24, 2012

Two New Stakes Created in the Philippines

Two new stakes were created in the Philippines on December 9th.

The Cariaga Philippines Stake was organized from the Carigara Philippines District.  The new stake consists of five wards (Calubi-An, Capoocan, Carigara 1st, Carigara 2nd, and San Miguel) and one branch (San Isidro).  The Carigara Philippines Stake becomes the fourth stake to be organized in the Philippines Tacloban Mission.  The Church created its first stake in the mission in Ormoc (1999) followed by stakes in Tacloban (2007) and Catarman (2008).  No other mission in the Philippines has had as many districts mature into stakes within the past decade.

The Bacoor Philippines Stake was organized from the Cavite Philippines Stake and includes five wards (Bacoor, Imus 1st, Imus 2nd, Molino 1st, and Molino 2nd).  The remaining Cavite Philippines Stake includes seven wards.  The Church has begun to more readily organize new wards within the Philippines Manila Mission - the mission that currently administers the area.

There are now 85 stakes and 84 districts in the Philippines.

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Adam said...

Philippines finally gets over the hump of having more stakes than districts! And to think just back in 2008 that back in 2008 there were still 77 stakes and 87 districts and there have already been 4 districts mature into stakes and 4 stakes split. Future looks bright.