Saturday, July 28, 2012

Statistical Profiles on

We will be posting country-by-country LDS statistical data on in the weeks and months ahead.  Here is a sample graph displaying the growth in the number of temples announced, under construction, or operating in the United States from 1847 to 2011.  These statistical profiles will be integrated with other church growth-related resources such as the LDS International Atlas on Google Maps (see homepage) and church growth country profiles and case studies.


Adam said...

Little off the topic of the post, but our stake here in Virginia was feeling like it was going to be splitting at any time and had reached the 5,000 member mark. However we just received word that now in order for a stake to split it must have over 6,000 members. I don't think we were planning on taking units from any of the surrounding stakes. How do you see this rule affecting the amount of new stakes formed in the US over the next few years?

Matt said...

It is my understanding that the Church has maintained this heightened standard for several years in the United States. It will likely result in slightly fewer new stakes being organized year-to-year but the recent emergence of YSA stakes may counteract potentially fewer new ordinary stakes being created in general.