Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Stake to be Created in Italy in September

Members in Europe report that a new stake will be created in northern Italy this September from the Milan Italy Stake.  The Milan Italy Stake has grown to 10 wards and 2 branches as several branches have become wards within the past few years.  It is unclear whether the new stake will be created from other stakes in northern Italy like the Verona Italy Stake.

The Church in Italy also recently reversed an over decade long era of congregation consolidations.  Within the past two months, two new units were organized in Bergamo (Bergamo 3rd Branch) and Rome (Roma 5th Branch).  It has been several years or perhaps even a decade since the Church has created a new unit in Italy.  Members report that prospects appear good for the organization of additional new wards and branches in the largest cities.


alien236 said...

This is great! It's about time we got some good news from Europe! When the Rome temple is completed do you think northern stakes like this will still attend the one in Switzerland? That wouldn't leave very many for the one in Rome.

Matt said...

There are additional exciting growth developments in Europe that indicate the era of congregation consolidations and stagnant growth may be coming to an end. More on this in the coming weeks ahead.

tinita said...

Good News! Hope it came true it will.
God Bless!

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