Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Statistical Profiles

Us at the Cumorah Foundation are currently in the process of creating statistical profiles for every country with an LDS presence on cumorah.com.  These country and state profiles will includes tables, graphs, charts, and maps displaying various LDS statistics such as membership, wards, branches, stakes, districts, temples, missions, seminary and institute enrollment, member activity rate, percent of population reached by the Church, percent LDS in the population, percent of the population with translations of LDS materials in their first language, ratio of missions to population, statistics for other missionary-focused Christians, and more.  We will post these statistical figures and graphics in the coming months on cumorah.com and integrate these into other missionary and church-growth related resources we have recently developed such as the LDS International Atlas, Country Profiles, and Church Growth Case Studies.

We regularly post some of these statistical graphics daily on the Cumorah International LDS Resources Facebook Group.  Join our Facebook group and receive updates!

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