Saturday, May 5, 2012

Christian Outreach by People Group

The Joshua Project is an evangelical missionary organization that advocates for evangelizing all of the world's peoples and specifically targets those with a small or no Christian presence.  Evangelicals have achieved far greater strides in reaching the world's population than the LDS Church and I have posted a link to a map that displays about 85% of the people groups identified by the Joshua Project.  The map provides the location of these people groups, language spoken by each group, traditional religious affiliation, and status of evangelical progress as defined by the Joshua Project.

This map provides valuable information to Latter-day Saints concerning the traditional religious affiliation of thousands of ethnic groups around the world.  At the Cumorah Foundation, we have produced similar country-by-country maps displaying the location of thousands of ethnolinguistic groups, the number of language speakers, and status of LDS outreach.  These maps can be accessed through the website on the homepage.

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