Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Two Districts Discontinued in Russia

Missionaries serving in the Russia Novosibirsk Mission report that the three districts previously operating in the mission headquartered in Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, and Omsk were consolidated into a single district based in Novosibirsk.  As part of the consolidation, 11 branches were reduced to eight branches and a group. The motivation for consolidating all three member districts into a single district was in preparation for the organization of the first stake in Siberia.  Approximately 500 members attended the conference when the changes were announced to members in the affected branches.  Missionaries report that the district is organized  in preparation to become a stake with native members serving in all leadership positions.  It is anticipated that the district will become a stake sometime in 2013.


The Chatelain's said...

This would be a tremendously large geographic stake! With Novosibirsk as the stake center, Krasnoyarsk is 500 miles to the east and Omsk is 400 miles to the west. Barnaul in Novosibirsk's current district is 150 miles to the south. Does it seems likely that this potential stake would be administered similar to the new one in Norway? Teleconferencing, phone tree, etc

James Miller said...
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