Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Stake in Cape Verde

I just wanted to confirm that the first stake in Cape Verde will be created on April 29th in Praia.  In 2010, Cape Verde was the country with the fifth most members without a stake after Cambodia, mainland China, India, and Sierra Leone. 

Next month, the first stakes will be created in India and New Caledonia during the last weekend of May.


Mission to Hong Kong said...

Is there a Stake in Armenia yet?
thank you,
Sister Dean

Christian said...

Can anyone tell the people at to update their stake maps. I don't think they read their emails!

Alex said...

There's still just the Yerevan District in Armenia.

Doug Holt said...

Yes, that is correct. Today, April 29, that stake was formed in Praia, Cabo Verde. The Area Presidency from Europe presided.