Saturday, April 2, 2011

Statistical Report 2010

Stakes: 2,896 (31 more than 2009 - 1.08% increase)
Missions: 340 (4 less than 2009 - 1.16% decrease)
Districts: 614 (2 less than 2009 - 0.32% decrease)
Congregations: 28,660 (236 more than 2009 - 0.83% increase)
Membership: 14,131,467 (306,583 more than 2009 - 2.22% increase)
Increase of Children on Record: 120,528 (806 more than 2009 - 0.67% increase)
Converts Baptized: 272,814 (7,292 less than 2009 - 2.60% decrease)
Missionaries serving: 52,225 (489 more than 2009 - 0.95% increase)


Tom said...

Not suprised by any of these statistics bar the fact that the amount of missionaries serving has now increased, much against predictions.

Nonetheless, another year of progress for the LDS church. The birthrate is still the highest ever and I am not sure how there's been 7000 less baptisms this year than the year prior. A rise in standards for baptism? Or simply a variation each year?

Brandon Plewe said...

If membership went up by 2%, but COR went up by less than 1%, then the Birth *Rate* is going down, not up. From 8.7 children/1000 members in 2009 to 8.5 in 2010. Lowest ever was 6.1 in 2001, but was well over 10 in the 80s.

Of course, this is not the actual birth rate, just the rate of children being blessed.

The slight increase in missionaries, and slight decrease in convert baptisms are well within the expected range of a generally flat trend over the past several years.

Adam said...

It listed 614 districts, and the temple statistics website currently lists 599. Has there really been that many districts that have been dissolved/become stakes the first 3 months of this year?

Matt said...

According to statistics released in the 2010 Statistical report, there are approximately 12 districts which operate around the world which are not reported by the Church as they are headquartered in countries without an official church presence. Of these districts, one is in Jordan (and is now officially reported by the Church on the site), one is in Belarus, at least two are in Pakistan, and the remainder are primarily in China among native members.

Matt said...

Regarding in fluctuations in convert baptisms from 2009 and 2010, I would say that they are insignificant variations. Baptismal standards vary widely in individual countries let alone church areas and the entire world.

Tom said...

when will we see statistics published for each individual nation?

Deivisas said...

The statistics for each individual nation gave been published at