Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Stake in Zimbabwe

Full-time missionaries serving in Zimbabwe report that the Gweru Zimbabwe District was made into a stake a couple Sundays ago.  The district was comprised of nine branches before becoming a stake.  There are now four stakes and one district in Zimbabwe and missionaries report that local members are preparing for the day when a temple may be announced for Harare. 


Brandon Plewe said...

I would be very surprised if we built a temple there while the political situation is so uneasy, especially after the Aba closing. I suspect that the same issue is holding back temples in Cote d'Ivoire, Kenya, and DR Congo.

Tom said...

Four stakes already is a great sign in Zimbabwe that the church infastructure is being to form.

More stakes= maturing leadership, greater organisation and communication and thus even stronger growth.

Zimbabwe is another african nation where the church will evolve to become very influencial. These countries need the church in order to combat the poverty, instability and lack of direction in these broken and underdeveloped nations.

Nathan said...

What is the situation for the LDS church in Ivory Coast at this time?