Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Stake Organized in Ghana - 2,900 Stakes Worldwide

For the first time since 1998 when the Kumasi Ghana Stake was organized, a new stake was organized in Ghana from a single district.  The Assin Foso Ghana Stake was created last Sunday and includes seven wards and one branch.  There are now eight stakes and five districts in Ghana. 

Worldwide there are now 2,900 LDS stakes.


Michael McLeod said...

Africa is really growing.

The Africa South-East Area Presidency informed us members in Gauteng Province, South Africa on Sunday that a seventh stake will be formed at a Pretoria Stake Conference this Sunday (13 March). The new stake will be called the Centurion South Africa Stake and will include the Centurion 1 and 2 Wards, the Thembisa Ward, the Kempton Park Ward and two branches in the Thembisa area. The stake centre will likely be in Centurion, but the chapel is still being constructed and so the stake centre will probably outside of stake boundaries for a few weeks.

Two units in the eMalahleni area will be incorporated into the Pretoria Stake as well.

It will be the seventh stake in the greater Johannesburg and Pretoria metropolitan areas (which is effectively one conurbation).

Tom said...

off topic I know,

but as General Conference is approaching, can we be expecting any temple announcements? And if so, where are the most likely places to gain one?

Erik said...

The last three consecutive years we have had five temples announced in October General Conference with one temple announced outside of conference, prior to the April General Conference. This year we have had no temple announced (yet) before April conference. So, if the numbers of the last three years continue, we could well see a temple announced at General Conference. Just my two cents of speculation :) Look under this blog's topic list of "potential temples" for likely places to have temples announced.

Matt said...

Thanks for the info Michael on the new stake in South Africa.

As for new temple announcements in General Conference, we'll just have to wait and see but the recent trend is that they have occurred in October. I am more curious about the statistical report.