Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Mission to be Organized in the Philippines

Missionaries serving in the Philippines Quezon City Mission report that the mission will divide into two missions this July.  The mission currently services 11 stakes and four districts on Luzon Island in northern Manila as well as the western half of Mindoro Island.  Missionary activity has been strong in the Manila area recently; missionaries serving in the Philippines Manila Mission reported that the mission baptized the most new converts in 2010 among Philippine missions.  Membership growth in the Philippines has increased in regular increments in recent years, but low member activity and poor convert retention remain major challenges as indicated by small increases in the number of congregations year-to-year and new stakes being organized at a rate of one a year.

As a result of the division of the mission, the names of the missions will be the Philippines Quezon City North and Philippines Quezon City South Missions.  Currently there are 16 LDS missions in the Philippines.

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