Friday, February 18, 2011

Five New Missions to be organized and Five Mission to be Consolidated this July

New missions will be organized in the following locations:
  • Benin Cotonou
  • Mexico Mexico City Southeast
  • Peru Chiclayo
  • Philippines Quezon City North
  • Zambia Lusaka
Missions to be consolidated are as follows:
  • Connecticut Hartford 
  • Georgia Macon
  • Portugal Porto
  • Switzerland Geneva and France Toulouse to create the France Lyon
  • Toronto Canada East and Toronto Canada West to create Toronto Canada


charlesryanjennings said...
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Ryan J said...

Does anyone know how the Macon Mission will be divided?

The Chatelain's said...

I would say Macon stake to Atlanta, Augusta and Savannah stakes to Columbia SC, Tifton is tossup between Jacksonville and Tallahassee

John Pack Lambert said...

The end of the Macon Mission was the least surprising to me. It looked like an ameboe about to pull apart.

The Chatelain's said...

What's an ameboe? Was that ameba?