Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New District in Norway

The Church has created a new district in Norway, headquartered in the city of Stavanger. The Stavanger Norway District consists of eight branches along the western coast of the country. Three districts once operated in Norway in addition to the Olso Norway Stake until the early to mid-2000s. The former three districts were headquartered in Stavanger, Trondheim and Tromso and were likely discontinued due to a lack of active members and Priesthood holders outside of the Oslo area. The creation of the new district may indicate greater progress in member activity and convert retention rates in western Norway as all of the eight branches in the new district were formerly mission branches not part of a stake or district. The five branches in northern Norway are not part of a stake or district currently, and are directedly administered by the mission in Oslo. For more information about the Church in Norway, refer to an article written by me and David Stewart on


Tom said...

That's great news.

I was sure that the church was not growing at all in Norway. Seems as though I was mistaken.

2010 has saw growth in europe actually increase above what it was prior to that.

JonErik said...

Do you know if Trondheim is included in the 8 branches of the new district?

Matt said...

Yes, Trondheim is included in the district. All branches which were formerly mission branches south of Trondheim along the west coast are part of the new district.

Erik said...

Do we know how many members there are in the new district? How close it is to becoming a stake? It doesn't seem like the church creates very many new districts in Europe, due to slow or non-existent growth. Is the creation of this district an indication that a stake could be underway within a few years or is it possible this will only happen in the long-term, i.e., a decade or more from now?