Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New District in Madagascar

A new district was created in Toamasina (Tamatave) Madagascar. The district comprises all five branches in the city, two of which were created earlier this year. Active membership appears strong in faith and numbers as over 500 attended the conference to the create the two new branches earlier this year. Missionaries serving in the Madagascar Antananarivo Mission report that they hope to baptize over 1,000 converts this year. There is still no indication on when a district will be organized in Antsirabe for the four branches in the area or when the stake in Antananarivo will divide. Several groups which have recently been created may become branches in the near future which currently operate in Ambositra, Ankazobe, Enjoma, and Sarodroa.

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Tom said...

Happy to see LDS Growth continue to push fowards here.

2010 seems to have been a very good year for growth almost worldwide.

I have a feeling that as a mature church and leadership infastructure begins to appear in Africa, Growth will accelerate faster and return to early 90's levels. We may well be able to achieve 300,000 Baptisms alone in Africa by 2030.