Sunday, August 15, 2010

New District in Nigeria

A new district was created in Nigeria. The Abak Nigeria District was created from the Uyo Nigeria Stake and Nigeria Calabar Mission with seven branches in the Abak area. Two branches in the new district were formerly wards and one new branch was created. With seven wards and two branches, the Uyo Nigeria Stake has experienced strong congregational growth this year as three new wards were created; one of which was from a branch. Several stakes in the area have a large number of congregations and may divide to create either new stakes or districts. Below is the current count for wards and branches for stakes in southeastern Nigeria. Districts created since 2008 are indicated in italics.
  • Aba Nigeria Stake: 9 wards, 1 branch
  • Aba Nigeria Ogbor Hill Stake: 7 wards, 2 branches
  • Abak Nigeria District: 7 branches
  • Akamkpa Nigeria District: 7 branches
  • Calabar Nigeria Stake: 8 wards, 1 branch
  • Eket Nigeria Stake: 9 wards, 2 branches
  • Etinan Nigeria Stake: 8 wards, 2 branches
  • Ibiono Nigeria District: 5 branches
  • Ikot Akpaden Nigeria Stake: 9 wards, 1 branch
  • Ikot Ekpene Nigeria Stake: 7 branches
  • Nsit Ubium Nigeria Stake: 8 wards, 8 branches
  • Okpuala Ngwa Nigeria District: 8 branches
  • Okrika Nigeria District: 3 branches
  • Oron Nigeria District: 3 branches
  • Owerri Nigeria Stake: 7 wards, 5 branches
  • Port Harcourt Nigeria Stake: 7 wards, 1 branch
  • Port Harcourt Nigeria West Stake: 9 wards
  • Umuahia Nigeria District: 8 branches
  • Uyo Nigeria Stake: 7 wards, 2 branches
Growth has been significant in Nigeria over the past decade. Below are congregational counts for stakes and districts in the same region in 2002. Stakes or districts which did not exist at this time are indicated by zeros for congregational counts.
  • Aba Nigeria Stake: 10 wards, 3 branches
  • Aba Nigeria Ogbor Hill Stake: 0
  • Abak Nigeria District: 0
  • Akamkpa Nigeria District: 3 branches
  • Calabar Nigeria Stake: 5 wards, 1 branch
  • Eket Nigeria Stake: 7 wards, 4 branches
  • Etinan Nigeria Stake: 5 wards, 4 branches
  • Ibiono Nigeria District: 0
  • Ikot Akpaden Nigeria Stake: 6 wards, 4 branch
  • Ikot Ekpene Nigeria Stake: 0
  • Nsit Ubium Nigeria Stake: 6 wards, 2 branches
  • Okpuala Ngwa Nigeria District: 0
  • Okrika Nigeria District: 0
  • Oron Nigeria District: 0
  • Owerri Nigeria Stake: 5 wards, 5 branches
  • Port Harcourt Nigeria Stake: 10 wards, 1 branch
  • Port Harcourt Nigeria West Stake: 0
  • Umuahia Nigeria District: 5 wards, 9 branches
  • Uyo Nigeria Stake: 6 wards, 6 branches
With 19 districts, Nigeria becomes the country with the seventh most districts worldwide. There are 16 stakes in Nigeria and the temple in Aba has been reopened for ordinance work.


Ray said...

To Matt:

Thanks for this excellent analysis of growth in Nigeria over the last 10 years.

I've done some checking of current trends in Nigeria for the first 7 1/2 months of 2010 and I find that districts are up 2 to 19, wards are up 11 to 140, and branches are up 4 to 164. Congregations are up 15 from 289 at the end of 2009.

Neighboring countries, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Sierre Leone, and Togo are all up by one each in the same time frame.

With all the large stakes and districts now in Nigeria it is highly likely there will be a number of new stakes there in the near future.

Ray said...

For the year ending 12/31/09, congregations were up 29 in Nigeria (from 260 to 289), up 21 in Ghana (from 99 to 120), up 9 in Cote d'Ivoire (from 32 to 41), and up 4 in Sierra Leone (from 18 to 22).

Ray said...

In ten months of monitoring the number of wards and branches churchwide I have seen the total increase by 200, with exactly 100 in the US and 100 in the rest of the world.

Since non-US membership is around 55% of total Church membership, congregations are growing at a faster pace in the US than outside the US at present.

US wards are up 122 and branches down 22. Non-US wards are up 125 and branches are down by 25 in the last ten months, so many branches have been upgraded to ward status.

Matt said...

Thanks for the thorough analysis on congregational growth for the past year. Hopefully we'll see more congregations created both in the US and worldwide before the end of the year. Many new groups have been organized in Africa in the past year in the following locations:

-Leribe, Lesotho
-Sarondroa, Madagascar
-Enjoma, Madagascar
-Ankazobe, Madagascar
-Ambositra, Madagascar
-Chimolo, Mozambique

Maybe these groups and others will mature into branches in the near future.

Bala bababa said...

Im going to Nigeria, and do we have a branch there?

Im not quite sure the address yet.