Sunday, August 8, 2010

New District in Brazil; Districts Discontinued in Saint Kitts-Nevis and Mexico

A new district was created at the end of July in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso. The Sorriso Brazil District likely consists of three branches in the remote northern portion of Mato Grosso several hundred miles away from Cuiabá. In the early 2000s only one LDS branch functioned in this region north of Cuiabá in Sinop. Two additional branches were organized in the late 2000s in Sorriso and Lucas do Rio Verde. One mission branch now functions in Mato Grosso in Caceres. There are now 51 districts in Brazil.

The sole district in Saint Kitts-Nevis was discontinued earlier this summer. The district was created in 2004 and originally had four branches, one or two of which were on other nearby Caribbean islands. The decision to discontinue the district is likely due to the islands covered by the former district now belonging to two different missions due to the realignment of missions in the Caribbean this past July. The district also had very few members and with the absence of a district, greater focus can now be dedicated to each mission branch.

In Mexico, the Matehuala Mexico District was discontinued. The district was organized in 1989 and had two branches. The two branches now report as mission branches to the Mexico Leon Mission. A lack of growth, few Priesthood leaders, and only two branches in the district likely contributed to its discontinuance. There are now 34 districts in Mexico.


rfelsted said...

I heard yesterday that there were realignments of wards in Pocatello with the discontinuance of one of the Idaho State University's stakes. Apparently the married students' wards were merged into Pocatello family stakes. This happened a few years ago when the Univ. of Utah Fourth Stake was closed.

It's also possible that only off-campus married student wards were put into family stakes. We'll have to wait for the report to come through on the CDOL report.

TempleRick said...

There has been no change to the university stakes in Pocatello. Each stake has 5 student single wards and 3 student married wards.

On Sunday, there were major ward realignments made in the Pocatello Idaho East Stake, which created a new ward in that stake (Sagewood Hills Ward) and necessitated the calling of five new bishops. However, there were no ward realignments made in the other 10 stakes in town (including Chubbuck).