Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Stake Created in Kentucky

Missionaries report that a new stake was created in Kentucky in the past week. The new stake was likely created from a division of the Louisville Kentucky and New Albany Indiana Stakes and appears to have its headquarters in Crestwood, Kentucky. I will provide more information once it becomes available.


rfelsted said...

Louisville Ky Stake was one of the 3 largest US stakes (each with 16 congregations), and with a neighboring stake of 12 units was certainly ready for division. The other 2 largest are Pasco, WA and Kearney, NE. Some of the fast-growing suburban Utah stakes have reached 17 units before division in recent years but I think there are no more stakes of that size now.

Some stakes have fewer units but much larger population, I'm sure. I'm curious if anyone knows of any non-US stakes with 16 or more units. Also, does anyone know how many US and Canadian stakes there are wih 15 wards and branches?

John said...

My stake (Wilmington Delaware) currently has ten wards and five branches.

Anonymous said...

My Stake, The Cambridge, Massachusetts Stake has 15 units(12 wards, 3 branches) with my branch approved for a chapel/ward in the coming 1-3years. Boston Stake has like 13 units

Gnesileah said...

The following 17 U.S. stakes have 15 or more units:

Pasco Washington Stake: 12 wards, 5 branches (including 1 correctional facility branch)

Keizer Oregon Stake: 12 wards, 4 branches (including 2 correctional facility branches)

Kearny Nebraska Stake: 8 wards, 8 branches

Santa Clara Utah Stake: 15 wards, 0 branches

Richardson Texas Stake: 14 wards,
1 branch

Lehi Utah North Stake: 14 wards, 1 branch

Prescott Arizona Stake: 13 wards, 2 branches

Flagstaff Arizona Stake: 12 wards, 3 branches

Preston Idaho North Stake: 12 wards, 3 branches

Cambridge Massachusetts Stake: 12 wards, 3 branches

Wilmington Delaware Stake: 10 wards, 5 branches

St George Utah Pine View Stake: 10 wards, 5 branches

Gillette Wyoming Stake: 10 wards, 5 branches

Killeen Texas Stake: 9 wards, 6 branches (including 1 correctional facility branch)

North Little Rock Texas Stake: 8 wards, 7 branches

Madison Wisconsin Stake: 8 wards, 7 branches

Des Moines Iowa Stake: 6 wards, 9 branches

Matt said...

According to the LDS Church News, the Crestwood Kentucky Stake includes the Bardstown, Lebanon, Louisville 7th and Shawnee Branches as well as the Crestwood 1st, Crestwood 2nd, La Grange, Louisville 1st and Shelbyville wards.

rfelsted said...

To Gnesileah:

Thanks for that information. These are some of the stakes most likely to be divided in the near future.