Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New District Created in Peru

Last Sunday a new district was created just north of Lima, Peru named the Huaral Peru District. Only two mission branches were functioning in the area prior to the creation of the district in Huaral and neighboring Chancay. Additional branches may have been created with the creation of the district. The new district will become part of the Peru Lima West Mission to be created this summer. There are now 94 stakes and 24 districts in Peru.

With the recent creation of the Huaral Peru District and the creation of districts in Andahuaylas and Huancavelica in 2008, the number of independent mission branches in Peru has dropped substantially. The only location which may have a district created from mission branches in the near future is in Olmos from two mission branches.


Sam said...

Chancay Branch
Huaral Branch
Peralvillo Branch
Valle Hermoso Branch (

Matt said...

This area must have seen some recently growth in membership and activity in order to create two new branches and a district. Thanks for the info!