Saturday, November 21, 2009

Military District Created in Iraq

The Church News published an article about the formation of the Baghdad Iraq Military District in early November. The creation of the district will allow for the formation of branches in the country. It was noted in the article that no proselyting occurs in Iraq and the new branches are for those of the military. There were a reported 1,300 members of the Church in Iraq, nearly all of whom likely in the military or working with government. A district was created in Afghanistan in July 2008 for members of the military in that country.


rfelsted said...

This district isn't showing up in the statistics and the Afghanistan military district from last year isn't either. The total shown there is 606 districts.

About how many additional districts are there (counting those in countries where the CHurch doesn't report statistics)? So instead of 606 districts is the total more like 620?

Matt said...

Yeah, I imagine that the total number of districts in the Church right now is almost 620.

Brandon Plewe said...

My impression has been that there are relatively few districts in the hidden countries, mostly isolated branches. China has a couple districts, as does Pakistan.