Thursday, November 12, 2009

District Discontinued in Costa Rica

The Cañas Costa Rica District was discontinued and combined with the neighboring Liberia Costa Rica District. The Cañas Costa Rica District only had two branches while the Liberia Costa Rica District had four branches before the two districts were combined. It appears that this was done to prepare the area for a future stake. There are now five stakes and five districts in Costa Rica with 36,666 members and 76 congregations at the end of 2008.

Missionaries serving in the San Jose metropolitan area report that a future stake may also be created in the Heredia area. Three of the stakes in the San Jose area have 12 or more congregations. Membership growth has been slow over the past decade, with the most rapid growth occurring in 2008. There has been little growth in the number of congregations in Costa Rica in the past decade, yet around six branches have turned into wards during this time.


Matthew Crandall said...
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Matthew Crandall said...

A city was opened up to missionary work in Estonia. Missionaries were recently sent to Keila, a city outside of Tallinn. They will also be working in the city of Saua which is located right next to it. There are several members who already live in Saua which likely lead to the decision. For now the missionaries and new investigators or converts will travel to Tallinn for church as do the current members living in Saua, if things go well a group or branch will be established. If you have questions you can email me,

Matt said...

Terrific news!