Monday, August 10, 2009

Recent Church Growth News

New Congregations In Madagascar

Within the past couple months, several new branches were created in Madagascar. Missionaries report that both Tamatave (Toamasina) and Antsirabe each have three branches. In Antsirabe, one of the new branches is actually located in the small village of Manandona were branch members and investigators meet outside on dirt floors under a large tent. Rapid growth in congregations and membership is also occurring in the capital, Antananarivo, where Madagascar's sole stake will likely split into two stakes in the coming months. Districts will likely be organized soon in both Tamatave and Antsirabe. Still no word on if a branch or group has been created in Mahajanga. It will be interesting to see whether Church growth in Madagascar will have more in common with Africa or the South Pacific once members mature in the Gospel, considering Madagascar has influences from both regions of the world.

Rapid Growth In Linden, Guyana

The Church is growing rapidly in Linden, the largest city in the interior of Guyana. Missionaries were first assigned to the city back at the beginning of this year and today there are two groups functioning in the city, both of which are soon to be made branches. Today there is an entire zone (usually 8-20 missionaries) of missionaries serving in Linden.

New Group In Uganda

A small group of Church members in the city of Lira, Uganda have recently been authorized to hold Sunday meetings as a group. Lira is located in northern Uganda near Gulu, which had its first Church congregations created last year.


andrew said...

Thanks for your information Matt. I am glad that you verified that Brunei has a group. One of the misssionaries in my branch (KL branch) said this was the case. The missionaries in The Singapore mission just love serving out on Borneo. Many baptisms are happening in Western Malaysia but the rentention rate seams to be low because I have heard that the KL branch has not grown in actual attendance numbers for quite some time. For some reason many wards and branches are stagnate at a level of an attendance of about 100 to 120.

Felipe said...

Other recent new is that in Leon Mexico it was created a New Ward was created from the division of two Wards, Azteca and Delta, the new one is Parques, but the best of this news is that the original ward was Azteca and from a division four years ago this split in Delta, this ward was divides two times in 4 years.

This is a good news from Leon Stake.
Please let me know how to contact by mail, this is my account

Matt said...

I am glad to hear another ward was created in Leon. Leon is the city in Mexico with the most people with only one stake. Hopefully a second stake will be created in the coming years.