Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Stake In Utah

A new stake was created on August 30th in Vernal Utah. The Vernal Utah Stake was created in the heart of this northeastern Utah city with a temple. Up to this time there has not been a Vernal Utah Stake, but four stakes in the city that each stretch into the rural areas outside of Vernal. The new stake becomes the 1,445th stake in the United States and the 534th stake in the state of Utah.

Church leadership in a stake conference that was broadcast to each of the stake centers in Vernal encouraged members living in Vernal to attend the temple more frequently and do missionary work among those members of the Church who do not currently have temple recommends.


rfelsted said...

As I see it, this is the 36th stake created in 2009 with 2 discontinued. At his pace we can expect 51 net new stakes for the year, with 3 out of 4 located in nations outside the US and Canada.

rfelsted said...

correction--should be "At this pace. . ." Sorry!