Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Stake In México

A new stake has been created in the Mexican state of Sonora. The San Luis Río Colorado México Stake was created last Sunday and includes five wards in the city of San Luis Río Colorado. The city of San Luis Río Colorado sits right on the border with the United States. The district in the city was originally organized back in 1990. If a temple were announced for Tijuana, it would likely serve members of the Church in San Luis Río Colorado as well as nine other stakes in the area. There are now 220 stakes and 35 districts in México.

I also received word from missionaries in the México León Mission that the Celaya México Stake will likely split into two stakes in August.


memoria said...

how many stakes have been created in mexico so far?

Matt said...

This year there have been eight new stakes created in Mexico. They are as follows:

San Luis Río Colorado México Stake
Tuxpan México Stake
Guacamayas México Stake
Morelia México Aeropuerto Stake
Cabo San Lucas México Stake
Galeana México Stake
Uruapan México Stake
Colima México Stake

Before the end of the year we will likely see the following stakes be divided:

Celaya México Stake
Chilpancingo México Stake
Coatzacoalcos México Puerto Stake