Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Branch In Angola; City Opens For Missionary Work In Greece

Luanda, Angola

The existing Luanda Branch was divided and a second congregation was created in Angola. The country has over 700 members, yet until now has had only one congregation. Angola is currently part of the Mozambique Maputo Mission and has had four full-time missionaries serve in the capital since the end of last year. Many baptisms are happening.

Patra, Greece

The Greek city of Patra (or Patras) now has missionaries serving in the city. However it does not appear a branch has been organized. Other cities open for missionary work in Greece include Athens, Kavala, and Thessaloniki. Church growth has been very slow in this nation despite a mission operating in the country for close to 20 years. Today less than 700 members reside in the country, many of whom are not native Greeks and include many Albanians and Chinese. It is exciting to see Patra open for the preaching of the Gospel considering so few cities are opened for missionary work.

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