Thursday, February 12, 2009

First Stake in Trinidad and Tobago to be Organized The Weekend of February 28th, 2009

Sister Robison of the West Indies Mission reported that approval for the first stake in the West Indies Mission was given and the stake will be created the weekend of February 28th. In addition to strengthening the existing branches in the country for the past year to prepare for stakehood, a new branch was created last Fall in Port Fortin. Converts are joining the Church more than ever before in Trinidad and Tobago and missionaries are doing their best to keep them active. Last year the West Indies Mission baptized over 2,000 converts, most of whom where in Guyana.

Sister Robison's blog can be found here.


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MY HUSBAND AND I WERE THERE FOR THE EVENT. IT WAS AMAZING, AWESOME, HUMBLY, AND INSPIRING. We have been serving a mission in Trinidad since Oct. 2008. We have seen miracle after miracle in the lives of the people in Trinidad in just the 5 months that we have been here. These miracles happened because all of the members,some who joined the church over 20 years ago, and many who have been members less than a year have been faithful and prayerful so that this event could happen. Add to that the prayers and hard work of 100s of young elders and many, many senior couples and a very wise, humble, and inspired mission president, President Reid Robison and his wife, Diane. My husband and I also had the blessed experience of adding our voices to the first ever Port of Spain, Trinidad Stake Choir of 92 voices. There was included in that number about 24 young elders but the majority of the voices were Trinidadians, affectionately called Trinis. It was a marvelous two days with Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Presidency of the Seventy and Elders Fransisco Vinas of the First Quorum of Seventy and member of the Caribbean Area Presidency conducting the business of organizing the stake. A day that we will never forget.