Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Unreached Population of Brazil

Although Brazil has over 1,040,000 members and 27 missions, tens of millions do not have access to the Church. With around 190,000,000 inhabitants, Brazil is a country that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has invested much into. The only other country with more missions is the United States, with over 100.

The Church is most established in the southern portion of Brazil, but even in these areas there remain cities with tens of thousands that do not have missionaries close by or worship services to attend. The map below illustrates those areas in which the population does not have access to missionaries or a congregation of the Church in blue. This information was collected from the Church via and corrections are welcome. The vast majority of the northern portion of Brazil shown in blue is sparsely population, but there are cities with over 100,000 people in those areas.

Northern Brazil

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Southern Brazil

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Benjamin said...

Wow. so much work to be done in Brazil.
I'll go back as a senior missionary in about 30 years or so. It'll be awesome to see how the church will have grown.