Friday, January 30, 2009

New District in Moldova; District Dissolved in Argentina

The first district of the Church was created two Sundays ago in the Eastern European country of Moldova. The Chisinau Moldova District consists of two branches in Moldova and one branch in Romania. The branch of the Church in Chisinau has been described by return missionaries as one of the strongest branches in the region despite there being less than 300 members in the entire country. The other branch in Moldova is located in Orhei. The city of Balti, Moldova once had missionaries serve in it several years ago, but has not since then. Hopefully missionaries will return to the city and a branch will be established considering it is the second largest city in the country.

The Gualeguaychú Argentina District was dissolved recently. The district was originally organized back in 2003 and as of recently only consisted of two branches. There are now 70 stakes and 37 districts in the country.


Gnesileah said...
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Jessica said...

I had no idea that Moldova is now a district! I served there. In fact, I was the last missionary to serve in Balti back in the day when I served as their "ecclesiastical leader" (we were too small to be called a branch).