Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Temple Announced in Trujillo, Peru

The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has announced a second temple in Peru, located in Trujillo. The temple announcement does not come as a huge surprise considering there are 87 stakes and 24 districts in Peru serving over 450,000 members. The Lima Temple is one of the smallest in the Church, with less than 10,000 square feet. The temple site has already been identified as a piece of land which is currently occupied by a meetinghouse. The city of Trujillo has seven stakes, but the temple will likely be closer to members residing in the following 25 stakes and eight districts:

Stakes likely to be served by new temple with date of creation:

Cajamarca Perú - 1996
Chiclayo Perú - 1980
Chiclayo Perú Central - 1985
Chiclayo Perú El Dorado - 1991
Chiclayo Perú La Victoria - 1996
Chiclayo Perú Latina - 1995
Chimbote Perú - 1980
Chimbote Perú South - 1991
Iquitos Perú - 1980
Iquitos Perú Nueve de Octubre - 1995
Iquitos Perú Punchana - 1992
Jaén Perú - 2007
Piura Perú Castilla - 1990
Piura Perú Central - 1983
Piura Perú Miraflores - 1996
Pomalca Perú - 2007
Sullana Perú - 2007
Trujillo Perú Central - 1994
Trujillo Perú East - 1991
Trujillo Perú Esperanza - 1998
Trujillo Perú Laureles - 1998
Trujillo Perú Palermo - 1984
Trujillo Perú Porvenir - 1998
Trujillo Perú Primavera - 1978
Tumbes Perú - 2007

Districts likely to be served by new temple with date of creation:

Casa Grande Perú
Guadalupe Perú La Libertad
Huaraz Perú
Moyobamba Perú
Talara Perú
Tarapoto Perú
Tarma Perú
Virú Perú

This brings the total number of temples announced, under construction or operating to 146.

Another new temple I think is likely to be announced soon is in Arequipa, Peru. A temple constructed in Arequipa could potentially serve 14 stakes and eight districts. For further information about potential new temples I think are likely, follow this link.

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