Friday, December 5, 2008

Another New Stake in Brazil, Stake Dissolved in Guatemala

Last Sunday another new stake was created in Brazil. The Canoas Brazil North Stake was created most likely from a division of the Canoas Stake (which has had over 10 wards for quite some time). This brings the total number of stakes in Brazil up to 220.

Furthermore, I wanted to note that the Mazatenango Guatemala East Stake was dissolved last May. The two stakes in the city each had five wards or so and were combined to created a stronger stake.

I also noticed that the Ahuachapan El Salvador Stake was taken off of the Church's temple district listings. I find it hard to believe that the stake was dissolved because it had seven wards and a few branches up until recently from what I have heard. If anyone can confirm the stake's continued functioning or dissolution, it would be appreciated. I imagine that this a technical error, especially considering that the Chimaltenango Guatemala Stake is listed twice (and is about the same size as the Ahuachapan El Salvador Stake).

The number of wards in El Salvador has increased by 10 or so in the past couple years, a significant gain compared to the previous five years. One of the stakes in the western region of the country is also close to splitting, doubling in size in the past five years. With a temple under construction that was announced only a year ago, the Church in El Salvador has definitely strengthened in the past decade, with 100,000 members today.


Rick S. said...

It does appear to be a technical error. There is a "Chimaltenango Guatemala Stake" and a "Chimaltenango Guatemala Stake Stake" in the Church's system. The latter lists 7 wards and 2 branches all in Ahuachapan, El Salvador, or nearby. It must have been inadvertantly renamed and not caught because of the extra "Stake."

Matt said...

Thanks Rick for confirming that the Ahuachapan El Salvador Stake was NOT dissolved.

Jeff said...

Why do they call them "stakes?"

Gnesileah said...
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